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WISSEMU Is Ready to Conquer Everest Summit

On Tuesday (27/3), the rectorate’s parking lot was filled with rows of members of the Student Activity Unit of Parahyangan Nature Lovers Students (UKM Mahitala) of the Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar). In a simple ceremony, Unpar released two female climbers who joined in The Women of Indonesia’s Seven Summit Expedition Mahitala Unpar (WISSEMU), namely Fransiska Dimitri Inkiriwang (Dee Dee) and Mathilda Dwi Lestari (Hilda), in the expedition to Everest, the highest peak in the world . Besides being attended by Mahitala members, the ceremony was also attended by representatives of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) as an expedition sponsor, representatives from Wanadri and groups of nature lovers from various universities in Bandung, as well as a number of Unpar Student Unity (PM) members.

Acting as the builder of the ceremony, Unpar Rector Mangadar Situmorang Ph.D symbolically released the WISSEMU team by handing the Merah Putih national flag and the Unpar flag. In his speech, he expressed his gratitude to all those who have supported and accompanied the two members of WISSEMU. He summarized the expectations of all Unpar academic community membersas well as the Indonesian community for the  Mahitala Unpar team in completing the last ascent of the “7 Summits”.

The full struggle of Dee Dee and Hilda’s Dedication is remarkable, and therefore deserves to be appreciated. “We hope and pray, that these two ladies can actually realize their ideal, shows the attitude of struggle, toughness, and extraordinary personality,” he said. Beyond that, he also emphasized the collaboration undertaken by WISSEMU Team with various parties, especially Mahitala and Unpar, is an important thing that can realize their success, which will lift the dignity of women and the Indonesian Nation.

The ceremony ended with a communal prayer as well as cutting tumpeng (the cone) rice as a form of gratitude. Seven “tumpeng” that symbolizes the seven summits of the world, followed by a lunch together. Before leaving for Nepal, Tim Wissemu will hold a press conference at the State Palace, Jakarta. Both will leave for Kathmandu, Nepal on Thursday (29/3) night.

Be prepared for Everest

Encountered by the Publication Team after the ceremony, both Dee Dee and Hilda expressed their hopes for the expedition. Speaking of practice, WISSEMU is not playing games to prepare for Everest. No half-hearted efforts, for them the practice of dealing with the 7th peak is six mountains that they had conquered for the last four years.

“The strategy is that one mountain is an exercise for the next mountain,” explained Dee Dee. This is one of them because the characteristics of the mountains in Indonesia are very different from the seven peaks that are almost all covered by ice and snow. Techniques that have been mastered in climbing in the top six of the world become an important capital for this last expedition. “At Everest these are all the techniques we learn, all of those experiences are tested,” Dee Dee said.

Of course, Everest invites the attention and concerns of relatives and the people closest to them. “The response varies,” said Hilda. For both of them, the most important thing is to calm down and prepare. In addition to intensive physical training since last October, they have also prepared various supplies, including Indonesian specialties, such as noodles and instant drinks. For them, it is one of the most comfortable and spirited gators of the distant world. ”I won’t lie to you, indeed my tongue and belly (is) tongue and belly of an Indonesian,” Dee Dee said jokingly.

The plan, this expedition will last for 57 days. The WISSEMU team hopes to reach the summit on 14 May, and return to Indonesia in early June. The ascent will go through the northern ascent, beginning in Lhasa, Tibet. The line is expected to be quite dense given the expedition carried out in the Everest climbing season of 2018.

Dee Dee hopes that this activity will receive support from the people of Indonesia. “It’s a nation’s struggle,” he said. On the other hand, Hilda wants the WISSEMU expedition to be an

inspiration for young people, especially Indonesian women. This achievement is expected to encourage greater achievements. “Hopefully there will be more of us,” he said.