Vocale Market Presents Indonesia’s Cultural Wealth


The Trans Convention Center that day was filled with a characteristic atmosphere of the archipelago. Entering the door, visitors are welcomed by red, white, and local motifs. Inside the room, there arelined booths that present interesting and distinctive products. There is a thick traditional aroma, while others seemed younger and more up-to-date.

The sentiment for Indonesia’s wealth was presented by the Institute of Student Presidency of Parahyangan Catholic University (LKM Unpar) at Vocale Market 2018. The two-day event, held between 31 March and 1 April 2018, features over thirty local tenants who are mostly from outside Unpar. Various products were sold, ranging from clothing and accessories, handicraft products, to snacks and coffee, all being local products.

Collaboration with external parties

Met on the sidelines of the event, Mazalvar Rahmat as the chief executive of Vocale Market argued that this activity is a forum to establish relations between Unpar and external parties. “In addition, we want to support local products,” he continued. But the committee did not close the door for the involvement of Unpar students and alumni. Alvar explained that Unpar’s student collaboration from various study programs presents various products, “There is food, there is also the same clothes handcraft .”

Establishing relationships with external parties is also the reason why Vocale Market holds activities outside Unpar. It is expected that this activity can invite more people from outside Unpar. “If for example, we held this at the mall, we can garner more visitors, so that involves more external parties,” he explained.

Interestingly, all transactions conducted in Vocale Market used a cashless system presented by one of the government banks in Indonesia. The visitors simply installed the app in a smart tool, performed top-up balances, and made transaction by scanning the QR code in every tenant.

Not just a bazaar

The Vocale Market was also filled with interesting activities, such as presentations, workshops, and more. For two days, two Presentation sessions raised the phenomenon of the creative industry and local empowerment. Alya Nurshabrina (Miss Indonesia 2018 and Unpar Alumnus) and N. Miranti S. (Founder of One Class Bandung) shared their insights on the theme of “Empowering Through Sharing, Education and Creativity” on the first day. On the second day, the theme of “Embrace Local Finest” was presented by Jovi Adhiguna Hunter (Fashion Influencer) and Hastjarjo Boedi Wibowo (IKKON Bekraf).

In addition to the Presentations, visitors could join the workshop to create a tote bag by One Class Bandung. There wer also fashion shows that promoted tenant products, make-up demos by Emina, as well as presentations on the development of product identities through the website by Trasher.id. Not forgetting the appearance of Crescendo by Unpar and Lingkung Seni Tradisional (Listra), as well as the ultimate performance by Elephant Kind, adding to the festive event of Vocale Market 2018.

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