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Unpar Student Union

The Unpar Student Union (PM) was established in 1971. PM Unpar is a form of perfecting the Unpar Student Family which is the previous student government. Unpar PM members are the Student Representative Assembly (MPM), the Student Presidency Institute (LKM), the 17 Study Program Student Associations (HMPS), and 26 Student Activity Units (UKM).

PM Unpar is a forum for students to organize and channel their interests and talents. Unpar PM 2018/2019 has a basic principle that is upheld, namely “United in action, moving with the heart, inspiring each othertogether “.


The Student Representative Assembly (MPM) has both legislative and judicial functions. The legislative function of MPM is to make regulations that must be adhered to by every institution within the PM Unpar. The judicial function of MPM is to supervise every work program and student activities that are carried out in accordance with the regulations that have been made.

MPM members come from representatives of each faculty in Unpar who are selected through the General Election.

MPM is obliged to seek, accommodate, consider and follow up on every aspiration of all Unpar students.

In the period 2018/2019, MPM raised the vision of “MPM which is proactive and synergetic so as to provide a real contribution to PM Unpar”. Meanwhile, the vision is contained in a number of missions, namely optimizing the performance and role of MPM that are effective in Unpar; develop a communicative culture with all elements in Unpar; and provide accurate and relevant information regarding the function and development of MPM within PM Unpar.


The Student Presidency Institute (MFI) is a university-level organization that functions as the highest executive body in the structure of PM Unpar.

LKM Vision 2018/2019 period is a familiar, strategic, inclusive one abbreviated as AKSI. With AKSI as a vision, the MFI will try to gather the needs of each Unpar element through essential and effective movements and through a constructive and transparent work environment.

Meanwhile, the vision is poured into a number of missions, namely to realize the MFIs that are present, participatory, and caring in gathering the needs of each Unpar element; runnic activities essentially and effectively; and creating a constructive and transparent work environment.


The Study Program Student Association (HMPS) is an organizational institution at the study program level (majors). HMPS is a forum for students in study programs to develop their potential. There are 17 HMPS in PM Unpar representing each study program.


The Student Activity Unit (UKM) is a place for students to explore their own potential and hone soft skills that suit the interests and talents of students. In PM Unpar there are 26 SMEs which are divided into various categories such as sports, arts, martial arts, and others.

Source: pm.unpar.ac.id