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Unpar Staff Mobility Program

Unpar’s  Staff Mobility Program is one of the agenda itemof Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) to support the competence and performance of its employees.

One of the language instructors of Unpar Career Development Center (PPK), Kristining Seva, SS, M.Pd  participated in an International Seminar on Internationalization, Innovation, and Sustainable Development on 19-23 March 2018. The seminar was organized by Erasmus + at Lille Catholic University, France.

In addition to Unpar, a number of participating universities include The University of Belgrade (Serbia), National University of Life & Environmental Science of Ukraine (Ukraine), Malardalen University (Sweden), University of Craiova (Romania), and others.

During the 5 days of the seminar, participants generally discuss internationalization in each participating university, sustainable development, and presentations on Best Practices of Intercultural Communication. On this occasion, Unpar along with Sophia University (Japan) and Tbilisi State University (Georgia) had the opportunity to present a presentation on how each university introduces local, local, and foreign (local) cultures, customs and languages.

Kristining Seva revealed that the presentation was the most interesting session. The participants, he said, were very interactive. There were many examples of local cultural practices that participants shared as the embodiment of cultural practice in each country.

Previously, on 12-13 February 2018, Unpar welcomed the visit of two staff from Malmö University Sweden, Jeanette Wahlberg, the administrative staff of Human Resources System and Maria Rosen, the Payroll administration staff, as part of International Network of Universities (INU). The purpose of the visit, was to exchange experiences, to share knowledge, especially about the system and support of Human Resources (HR).

There are many interesting comparisons in terms of employee benefits, payroll systems, recruitment, and HR systems because each university has a different background. In this case, Malmö University as a state university and Unpar, a private university. In addition, there are differences in retirement age, the pension system, and annual leave based on government regulations in each country.

The topics in the discussion are related to human resources development including various training for administrative staff at Unpar Employee Learning Center about soft skills and competence to support daily activities for lecturers and staff based on Indonesian government regulations, as well as stages and qualifications to pursue a more career high. It is expected that the experience during the Shadowing Program can expand the perspectives and knowledge of the staff of both universities.
Source: International Office Newsletter (Issue IX / April / 2018)