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Unpar Ranks among Top 50 Universities of Indonesia

In 2017, Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) once again proves itself as one of the best private universities in Indonesia. In university rankings throughout Indonesia released by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek Dikti) some time ago, Unpar was re-entered into the list of 100 best non-polytechnic colleges in Indonesia. In fact, based on the rating, Unpar became the best private university in West Java Province.

Based on clustering and ranking in 2017, Unpar is categorized as a cluster two university, ranked 34th nationally. When compared with non-polytechnic private universities in Indonesia, Unpar is now ranked 4th nationally. For three years in a row, Unpar has been the best private university in the western part of Indonesia (West Java, DKI Jakarta and Banten, also Sumatera).

Various factors influence the quality of performance. Indicators that influence the assessment are the accreditation of institutions and study programs, the quality of faculties/lecturers and the adequacy of permanent lecturers, research activities, and the quality and achievement of student activities . Currently, the majority of undergraduate and diploma courses in Unpar have been accredited as excellent.

This is supported also by improving the quality and quantity of lecturers in Unpar. Not only through higher education (Doctorate program), lecturers also increase research activities and community service . More than a few research results of Unpar lecturers have been accepted by various international journals, read by academics globally.

Nevertheless, there is still plenty of room for the university to improve its quality, especially in the field of student activities, mainly through the Student Creativity Program (PKM). Not only students, the increase in the quantity and quality of research activities and community service performed by educational staff, which include students as young academics, also affect the quality of universities in general.

In its 62 year journey, Unpar has proven itself as one of the best universities in Indonesia. In its homeland, West Java, Unpar remains the best, recognized not only by the government, but also integrating in society.