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Unpar Ranked Third

After Beating Pelita Harapan University by 63-54

Bandung, (PR),- the Female squad of Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) finally ranked third in the Lima Basketball Nationals Season 4, 2015-2016. They beat Pelita Harapan University (UPH) 63-54 in the final match at GOR C-Tra Arena/the C-Tra Arena Sports Building, at Bandung, Sunday (21/2/2016).

Playing with no pressure, the Alligators consisted of Jessica, Elsa, Jessie, Andrea and Calista as starters. They immediately turned the pressure on, leading 8-3 until the 5th minute. Falling behind, the starting five from UPH which consist of Devina, Christie, Vitta, Regita, and Sharah did not give up. Bit by bit, UPH struck back and caught up with 15-13 at the end of the first quarter.

A tight game occurred in the second quarter. Surprisingly, UPH managed to turn back the tide to 20-24 until the middle of the quarter. But UNPAR which performed with no pressure escaped from pressure and led the scoreboard by 27-26 until break time.

Exploiting the hole in UNPAR’s defense, UPH led the scoreboard again by 24-28 but once again Calista and friends manage to dampen the pressure and turn the tide, leading by 46-40 in the third quarter.

In the Final quarter, UNPAR totally controlled the game. Points were added to their scoreboard. Their neat defense made the constant attack by UPH deflect back. Leading by 52-46 in the fourth quarter. UNPAR ended the game with the final score of 63-54.

Silvia Elsa became the MVP for UNPAR in this game by scoring 20 points with 11 rebounds. Meanwhile for UPH, Vitta’s performance was no less impressive by scoring 20 points and 11 rebounds.

After the game, UNPAR’s coach, Arifin admitted to be proud of his squad’s performance, not only during the game but throughout the competition.

“With players below the average of other leading teams, I’m satisfied to have been able to reach the semi-final, let alone attaining the third place, I’m extremely proud”, he added.

Esa Unggul Won

Meanwhile, the Esa Unggul University (UEU) female basketball squad Jakarta won the Lima Basketball Nationals Season 4 after beating the team from Aerlangga University 61-44 in the final round.

Performing admirably, UEU immediately put the pressure on their opponent since minute one. They led the game 15-13 in the first quarter. Entering the second quarter, UEU continued its domination and ended the second quarter with 31-32 then struggling behind with 51-35 in the third quarter. UA had a hard time keeping up with UEU that ended the game with 61-44.

Sadly, the success of the UEU female team was not followed by their male team. The UEU male team was beaten 62-77 by the UPH team. The UPH team defended its title and became the first team to win the Lima Basketball National two years in a row. (Handi Handriansyah)***


Source: Pikiran Rakyat (Monday, February 22, 2016)