UnparPress Majalah Unpar, Buku Saku Spiritualitas dan Nilai Dasar

Unpar Press

The Parahyangan Catholic University Publishing facility was pioneered by the Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) from 2004-2007, led by of A.B.M. Witono. Ph.D. under the name of Unpar Press. After a period of inactivity, it was revitalized and organized by the Unpar Foundation.

The main objective of the Unpar Press is to encourage all members of Parahyangan Catholic’s University academic community and other parties to write and publish the result of their writing and thoughts.

Additionally, the Unpar Press also accepts orders for book printing, scientific journals, and other forms of publications. Unpar Press has a quarterly periodical called Majalah Parahyangan that contains news on Unpar activities, alumni, thoughts collected from Unpar academic community. This magazine is prints 3,500 copies on average.

The Unpar Press has also been registered as a member of the Indonesian University Publishers Association / Asosiasi Penerbit Perguruan Tinggi Indonesia (APPTI). Today, the Unpar Press has published more than 30 book titles on Unpar’s History, Unpar Figures, learning materials, students’ research compilation, culture and so on.


Unpar Press Publishing

Ciumbuleuit street No. 96, Bandung

Phone/fax: 022 – 20335286 / 022 – 2031021