Unpar Listra Cultural Mission 2018

BANDUNG – With the enthusiasm of young people in preserving Indonesian culture, the Student Activity Unit of the Parahyangan Catholic University’s Traditional Arts Circle (UKM Listra Unpar) will once again hold a Cultural Mission program in August 2018. In the upcoming 2018 Cultural Mission activities, the Student Activity Unit engaged in dance and Indonesian traditional music, and will send 20 delegates to fly to Europe, to be exact to Greece. Previously, Unpar Listra had already carried out similar activities by visiting Turkey (2013), Greece (2014), and Poland (2015).

For more than two weeks in Greece, Listra will take part in several events, one of which is the 56th Lefkas International Folklore Festival on the Lefkada Islands, Greece. By participating in the festival, Listra became the only representative from Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Some dances that will be displayed during the festival include the Nusantara Medley Dance, the Truna Smara Sekar Dance, the Merak Dance, the Daranan Tanang Baupang Dance, the Rampak Kendang Dance, and the Saman Dance. In addition to Unpar Listra, in the festival held from August 19-26 2018, there will also be many art groups from 10 other countries that participate.

Besides attending an international cultural festival, the Listra team will also visit the City of Athens to accept the invitation of the Indonesian Embassy in Athens, as the performer in the Indonesian Cultural Night program. The event, which will be held on August 28, 2018, is one that aims to be a means of promoting Indonesian culture abroad. In the Indonesian Cultural Night program, the Listra team will also present several regional dances including the Mask Dance, the Cendawasih Dance, and the Ketuk Tilu Dance.

The 2018 Cultural Mission itself is basically an activity that is incorporated into the main work program of Listra called Wajah Nusantara. In addition to the 2018 Cultural Mission, another event is 2018 Gelar Pamit: Pesta, Rasa, Dansa with an art performance concept consisting of many regional dances and music performances, as well as various Nusantara specialties. The 2018 Gelar Title itself will be held on Sunday, August 12, 2018, as well as being a ceremonial release for delegates who will go on a cultural mission. (PAD)