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Unpar Is Ready to Join the Choir Competition in Latvia

Bandung: The Parahyangan Catholic University Student Choir (PSM Unpar) will follow the 3rd International Baltic Sea Choir Competition, at Dzintari Concert Hall Jurmala, Latvia, on 21-24 September 2018.

Before leaving for Latvia, PSM Unpar will hold a Pre-Competition session in two cities, namely Bandung and Jakarta. For Bandung it will be located in the Hall of John Paul II, Office of the Diocese of Bandung, 18 Moh. Ramdan street.

As for Jakarta it will be held at Usmar Ismail Film Center, Jalan HR Rasuna Said Block C Number 22, South Jakarta. The event will start at 16.00 and 19.30 WIB.

PSM Unpar is a student activity unit engaged in music/vocal projection, established in 1962, under the leadership of AP Sugiharto. Various national and international awards have been achieved.

The choral competitions that PSM Unpar has participated in the last four years are the 51st International Competition of Choral Singing 2014, the Spital an der Drau, winning the Mixed Choir, Best Interpretation Song, with conductor Ivan Yohan.

PSM Unpar also participated in the 27th Bela Bartok International Choir Competition and Folk Meeting in 2016 in Hungary, and won two Chamber Choir awards. After this, the champion of three Mixed Choirs with conductor Ivan Yohan.

In the same year, PSM Unpar joined the 62nd International Choir Habaners and Polyphony Contest and won two categories of Polyphony, third place in the Habaners category and took home the award Premio Fransisc Vallejos.


Source: nusantara.medcom.id