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Expo UKM

UKM Expo 2017, Discover Your Own Path

Campus activities are not merely related to lecturing activities. Non-academic activities are equally important in developing the potential of the students. One of the means for student self-development is a student activity unit (UKM) with various fields, from sport to art.

The Student Presidential Institution (LKM) Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) has once again held an SME Expo activity. This annual event is a means for new students who want to find out about the various UKMs in Unpar in depth, as well as a good time for UKMs to raise new members.

This year’s series of UKM Expo activities was themed “Discover Your Own Path “, centered on Rooftop Building 10, Unpar Campus, Ciumbuleuit. The event, which opened on Tuesday (29/8), was marked by sounding the gong by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Paulus Sukapto, accompanied by Unpar Student President, Mahesa Aditya Pratama. The opening ceremony was followed by percussion performance by students.

In his speech, Dr. Paulus, (who is familiarly called Mr. Kapto) encourages freshmen, especially new students, to be actively involved in student activities in Unpar, one of them by becoming a member of UKMs in accordance with their interests and abilities. It is part of the student’s learning to produce a humane personality, who is not only academically qualified, but also good non-academic qualities.

The UKM Expo was the main attraction for new students. During the event, students enthusiastically visited the UKM booth participating in the Expo activities.

The majority of SMEs open direct enrollment for students interested in joining. Not only that, every visitor who attended had the opportunity to ask directly about the activities, membership, and various other things related to UKMs in demand.

UKMs Expo was also filled by the appearance and presentation of every UKM in Unpar. In total, 26 Unpar UKMs took part in the two-day Expo. Through Expo UKM, students, especially new students are expected to be actively involved in various activities outside of college student lectures.