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Through Reang Panjingkrak, the Listra Unpar Dance Student Activity Unit Carved Out Another Achievement

Tribun Jabar Journalist Report, Syarif Pulloh Anwari


TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Parahyangan University (Unpar) Dance Activity Unit (UKM), Listra, won the first prize in the 19th Denscup competition held by the Trisakti University Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) on October 15, 2018.

The Chairman of the Listra Team, Ghautami Kelama Alara, said that the achievements attained this time were the same as last year’s first place in the same event.

“For the Listra Team, this event is the second time and (we won) the first place as in 2017,” said Listra’s Team Leader, Ghautami Kelama Alara when contacted by Tribun Jabar by telephone on Saturday (11/11/2018).

Ghautami said this competition was attended by six teams from universities in Indonesia such as the University of Indonesia, Indonesian Education University, Trisakti University, Prof.dr.Moestopo University, and Parahyangan University.

“There were six teams, UI itself had sent two teams to the competition, but the champions are luckily us and we were able to maintain the achievement (from last year),” she said.

According to Ghautami, the Denscup competition carries the theme of Traditional Nusantara dance creation, and Tim Lara presents a typical West Javanese dance called Reang Panjingkrak Dance.

“Yes, I took a dance from West Java called Reang Panjingkrak because it has a very deep philosophy,” she said.

This dance, she explained, means describing the joy of female farmers when the harvest season is over, this activity is carried out to fill leisure time, which is expressed through this dynamic dance; dance as a symbol of the success of farmers planting rice to harvest, and as a form of respect for Dewi Sri (Goddes of Paddy fields).

The Listra team that took part in the 2018 Denscup competition consisted of 2016 and 2017 names including Ghautami Kelama 2016, Ghautami Rama Putra Udnaka 2016, Widni Agusya Saksono Dewi 2016, RA Almadira Dzakirah 2016, Nisrina Dwianti 2017, Nur Shadrina 2017, Debby Valentzia 2017, Ardhisty Shafira Putri 2016, and Luqyana Alifa Kamilia 2017.

Meanwhile, Ghautami said that regarding the preparation for the competition and being able to defend the title from the previous year he and his friends had made very intensive preparations.

“How Listra prepares for a competition is usually through, intensive training for a minimum of 1 month before the competition, usually we do the warm-up exercise as usual, keep on repeating and doing detailed movements with group mates,” she said.

Furthermore, she hopes that in the future, the Listra UKM can raise the name of Unpar itself, and hopefully in the future, it can preserve Indonesian culture and become an inspiration for other SMEs.


This article was published in with the title Lewat Reang Panjingkrak, UKM Listra Unpar Dance Achieves Achievement Again, unparalleled re-achievement.
Author: Syarif Pulloh Anwari
Editor: Seli Andina Miranti