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Mangadar Rektor-The Great Unpar

The Great Unpar

Dear Readers,

Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) has set the objective to become “The great UNPAR” which basically translated into a superior, better, and more advanced UNPAR.

The phrase “The great UNPAR” was not meant to be competitive or superior to other universities. “The great UNPAR” is only meant as the spirit to become more superior , and better than the previous years.

“The great UNPAR” will be showcased by the improvement of the university’s management and the Tridharma  hosting. The proof will come from outstanding graduates with leading quality and personalities, abundance of research projects and publications and by becoming the benchmark for the development of science and technology as well as policy recommendation.

Various parties (including the university’s and unit’s leaderships, educators and education/administrative staffs as well as students) have the duty and the responsibility to make this dream come true. The UNPAR Foundation, Government institutions and different strata of society also have very significant roles to play.

Since its establishment in 1955, people have known UNPAR as an excellent private university. This is UNPAR’s identity. The identity which is based on quality education held and proven by the works of tens of thousands of alumni all over the country and abroad. In addition we should realize that the quality based identity can only be reached by upholding academic integrity, showing respect for differences, and valuing the human nature as well as the integrity of the natural world. This is UNPAR’s vision, to become a humane academic community that strives for local values to the international level for the improvement of human dignity and the integrity of the natural world.

The emergence of new universities, government regulations and the pressure of globalization as well as regional integration should never diminish society’s recognition of UNPAR. Consistency with UNPAR establishment calling, commitment to vision and missions, dedication to higher education Tridharma responsibility, and accurate anticipation of social-economical-political dynamics should become the string of pre-requisites that should be fulfilled so that UNPAR will still be true to its holistic identity which is excellent quality.

One thing that cannot be ignored is the fact that UNPAR has to be active and creative in communicating itself to the people.

Readers need to figure out what UNPAR stands for and what is like. By finding out about UNPAR, people will be able to judge that UNPAR truly put forward students quality knowledge and skills learning (hard skills) and personality development (soft skills). People will know that UNPAR highly respects diversity in the mutual efforts to seek and develop the truth and science, technology and art, various academic and non-academic activities, achievements, programs and development plan are also important considerations to be acknowledged objectively and comprehensively. The objective is to make UNPAR the right choice for continuing to higher education, the right partner for cooperation and the right place for a career.

The renewal of this website is needed. Readers are provided with actual and accurate information about UNPAR. The interface is made to be more interactive and more easily readable. New features are added to complete necessary information. Visualization in the form of photographs and videos are also presented to make it easier to read as well as to convince the readers on events held or will be held at UNPAR. Various links are also offered to readers for the purpose of finding out more about UNPAR. These are all meant for people, especially prospective students and potential partners for cooperation to be able to evaluate UNPAR accurately. People’s evaluation is an important part of establishing UNPAR’s identity.

Order and continuity of website renewal are also a necessity. This is in line with changes that have occurred as well as numerous planned developments.

UNPAR’s leaders warmly welcome all UNPAR’s website readers and appreciate the effort to renew this website. This is one of the forms of UNPAR’s responsibility to the public. This public responsibility is required from UNPAR in order to become “The great UNPAR”, to become more responsible in the development of higher education for the purpose of developing humanity, people and the nation.


Bandung November 2015

Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D.