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SIAP Unpar 2018: Igniting the Spirit, Getting to Know Friends

The Student orientation period is one event that exist in every academic year. The ranks of the rectorate and members of the Parahyangan Catholic University Student Presidency Institute (LKM) this year held an orientation for Initiation and Adaptation (SIAP) orientation slightly differently compared to previous years.

Missing was the moment the new students were disciplined the hard way and all forms of seniority were abandoned. The orientation period activities are really focused on recognizing the values ​​instilled by Unpar in the form of Unpar (Sindu) Spirituality and Basic Values ​​and the introduction of the campus environment where they will study for the next few years.

The introduction was not only conducted passively by the committee, but the lecturers and some educational personnel directly proceeded to discuss matters with the students in order to give them a comprehensive picture of what they would face later during the lecture activities.

August 7, 2018 was the last day of student orientation in Unpar. On that day, the main focus of the student orientation program was to ignite the enthusiasm of the new students in various ways, one of which consisted of the speeches of mentors (students) and facilitators.

The event was closed by Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D as the Rector of Unpar. “After attending SIAP, are you ready to go to college?” Mangadar said, greeted by cheers and shouts of “Ready!” by all new students. With the release of balloons by the committee and ceremonial banging of the gong by the Rector, the event was symbolically closed on Thursday afternoon (9/8).

The participants did not immediately go home as most of them were still talking around the campus. “I don’t think it’s exciting, I’m not sure it’s clear … I also like the activities,” said Steven, one of the Law students of the 2018 class.

The same sentiment was expressed by Effy, a new student in the Economic Development study program, “It’s really fun with the experts, it’s not like the one who was told first who was constantly screaming when (there was) seniority like that,” he said.

Some students turned out to have chosen Unpar because they were convinced from the beginning of Unpar quality. “We immediately selected Unpar since PMDK. We already knew that Unpar is good and is of the same quality (as state university/ PTN), “said Vendi (FTIS), Justin (FTIS) and Jose (FT).”I tried the SBMPTN. Just right from the beginning, we chose Unpar because the Engineering major at Unpar has been better known than the nes on most other campuses, “said Jose.

Some students were not disappointed to be accepted at Unpar either, even though it was not their first choice, students like Adriel (FH) and Jenny (FE) told me that they did not choose Unpar as the first choice but still did not regret it. “Indeed, I wanted go to PTN (State University), only being accepted here is also positive,” said the two of them who came from outside Java to study in Bandung.