Research And Scientific Publication

Parahyangan Catholic University has gained national recognition as one of the universities belonging to the main cluster based on the Directorate for Higher Education’s Research performance mapping of 2014. The research projects are aimed at developing the local potential to become prominent at the international level for the improvement of human dignity and the integrity of the world of creation; the research projects are also conducted in conjunction with the government, industry, and society in general so that they can be beneficial for a wide spectrum of the community, for the sake of Local West Java’s and national needs that are relevant globally.

Parahyangan Catholic University is heading toward becoming a research-based university in the learning process, knowledge development, and community service that are well acknowledged both nationally and internationally. Consequently, the activities and the results of research projects will become the basis for learning materials and processes. In the past few years, the number of research projects and scientific publications has risen exponentially, and so, there have been more national and international publications, quality output, and citation effects.

The works of Parahyangan Catholic University’s scientific community can be accessed in:

  1. Research reports in exact sciences and socio-humanities
  2. Papers in international journals, national accredited, and national non-accredited
  3. Books
  4. Scientific works in the library catalogue.