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Prodi IAB Unpar Goes to Metro Tv

On (4/2), the Student Association of theBusiness Administration Study Program (HMPSIAB) in collaboration with the Business Administration Study Program (Prodi IAB) Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) held a Company visit to Metro TV. The activity was carried out in order to reinforce knowledge in the field of television services and entrepreneurship.

Through the Entrepreneurship Division of HMPSIAB, this activity was realized in the form of a Business Talk event. This time, the company cooperated with our work program in one of the private television stations namely Metro TV. This program was attended by 60 students and lecturers of Prodi IAB.

The activities conducted were a company tour and following the process of shooting the Kick Andy show. These activities aim to inspire students to continue to develop the knowledge already gained at university. On the other hand, students can also learn the ropes of business in the field of television services and the dynamics of a television program.

Abel Tedjamulya, the HMPSIAB Chairman expressed his hope that this activity can be an inspiration and motivation for anyone who witnessed or participated directly.

“The impression of this event was certainly very positive. In a sense, it became a brand of its own and it’s a matter of pride to be able to hold an event like this, as well as a pleasure to see much enthusiasm of participants who are interested in our program, to the extent that there was a waiting list “, said Abel, as he is familiarly called.

“In addition to being refreshing, this kind of event should be a place for us to be able to see the life in the community who have so many inspirational, innovative, and motivated stories. It can also serve as an agent of change in society through science of each  study program, in this case the Business Administration Study Program “, according to the student of Prodi IAB who is currently in his 6th semester, in a brief interview with the Unpar Publication Team on Wednesday (8 / 2).


Source: Entrepreneurship Division of HMPSIAB