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Pesan Persatuan Indonesia dari Puncak Antartika

The Message For Indonesian Unity From The Peak of Antartica

Jakarta, Indonesia CNN – A heart-warming story was received from the Indonesia nature lover/mountaineering women who are members of The Woman of Indonesia’s Seven Summits Expedition Mahitala Unpar (Wissemu).

The Wissemu climbing team this time around consists of Frances Dimitri Inkiriwang (23) and Mathilda Dwi Lestari (23) managed to set foot on the summit of Mount Vinson Massif (4892 meters above sea level / masl) on January 5, 2017.

Both were successfully recorded as two Indonesian women who had set foot on the highest peak in Antarctica. They planned to arrive back in the country on January 23.

To complete this climb, the team went through a long journey of nine days starting from Vinson Base camp on January 1, 2017.

The journey to the high camp itself is not easy. Temperatures during the journey reached -30 ° C with snow, coupled with 1.020m elevation and a 45 degrees slope had forced the team to use the aid of fixed ropes.

With strong determination, the team finally succeeded in raising the Indonesian flag on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 at 23:48 local time on Thursday, January 5 9:48 Western Indonesia Time..

Via a satellite connection, Mathilda broke the news to the WISSEMU team committee. Their success carries a moral message for the unity of the Indonesian nation.

“The success of flying the Indonesian flag at the highest peak of Antarctica is a tribute to the unity of the Indonesian nation,” said Mathilda with a slight stammer contained in a release received by CNN Indonesia.

In addition to pursuing the Seven Summits mission, the success of achieving the peak of Vinson Massif in the Antarctic continent is to convey a message to Indonesian women to dare to dream as loftily.

Vinson was the fifth mountain conquered by Wissemu. Previously, they had also managed to climb the Aconcagua summit (6962 m asl) in January 2016. Aconcagua itself is the second highest peak in the world before Everest in Nepal (8848 m asl).

In addition, they have reached three other highest peaks, namely Cartensz in Papua (4884 masl), Elbrus in Russia (5642 masl), and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (5985 masl). (jun)


Source: www.cnnindonesia.com