Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Sarasehan Petani

Community Service

Parahyangan Catholic University pays special attention to community service activities with the establishment of the Community Service Institute /Lembaga Pengabdian pada Masyarakat (LPKM) in 1995. LPKM was tasked with facilitating societal changes, with the leading main program being micro financial institution and cooperative  coaching. In 2004 LPkM was merged with the Research Institute to form the Research and Community Service Institute / Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LPPM).

Parahyangan Catholic University understands that community service is based on needs, challenges, as well as direct and in-direct society’s problems in the process of attaining human dignity. Therefore, community service activities may improve the productivity of social groups as partners as well as increase lecturers’ interest in society development. In addition, community service activities can assume the form of research product diffusion or utilization for society’s welfare.

Parahyangan Catholic University also manages counseling service and training programs to cater for partner companies and social groups’ needs, through Research Centers and Laboratories. Services can alsotake the form of expert witness, counseling service, coaching, training, material/chemical testing, and other forms of continuing education such as language and tax courses.


For further information, please contact LPPM and relevant Research Centers and Laboratories.