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Parahyangan Legal Competition, Building Laws Based on Pancasila

Pancasila as the foundation of the state of Indonesia has been an important foundation for the implementation of the state and the life of the nation. This covers the field of law, from formulation to enforcement. However, it cannot be denied that there is still much to be improved in the legal system in Indonesia to realize justice.

Increasing awareness to develop law based on Pancasila formed the basis for the convening of Parahyangan Legal Competition (PLC) 2018. The three-day activity which started from Friday to Sunday, 6 to 8 April 2018 invited high school students, law students, and the general public in a series of seminars, debate competitions, and scientific writing contests (LKTI).

As presented by Ivan Tjahjadi as the Chief Executive of PLC 2018, this event is a combination of several events that have been regularly held in Law Faculty of Parahyangan Catholic University (FH Unpar), such as High School Debate Competition) and Sudiman Cup Debate Competition. “We put together a series of events. Using a new combination this year, “he explained.

Inspired by Professors

Two Professors from FH Unpar, Professor Sudiman Kartohadiprodjo (late) and Professor B. Arief Sidharta (late) have contributed thoughts on Pancasila related to the law in Indonesia. This is one of the motivators for FH Unpar students to hold PLC with the theme of Pancasila. “The concrete form of our desire to appreciate the two professors in the PLC with the theme also discusses Pancasila,” said Ivan.

The PLC 2018 activity began with a seminar entitled “Legal Development Based on the Ideal of Pancasila Law” held at Grand Tjokro Hotel. This seminar was presented by Professor Asep Warlan (Professor of FH Unpar) and Andreas Downing Bolo (Lecturer and Teacher of Pancasila) as speaker. The themes presented were thoroughly discussed, both from the legal point of view and the perspective of Pancasila.

Various competitions

For two days, there were legal competitions, both at the high school and college level. “The most distant participant came from Kalimantan,” he said. The majority of participants themselves had been competing in Unpar in previous years. “As for the SMA itself, it boasts many who participated in previous years. There are also many universities who have participated. “On the other hand, the new LKTI held this year also received a good response from law students throughout Indonesia.

In the debate competition, each team is divided into groups of pros and cons. They build arguments based on topics that have been provided by the committee. It is a challenge for participants to master various topics and be able to build solid and comprehensive legal arguments.

At SMA level, SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Bandung won first prize. Lambung Mangkurat University from South Kalimantan won the competition in a university debate competition, while representatives from the University of Indonesia ranked first in LKTI PLC.

In general, the participants gave a positive response to the implementation of PLC 2018. “The debate competition at Unpar is the neatest,” Ivan said proudly. He himself hopes that the good relationship between FH Unpar and other universities in Indonesia can be well maintained. “We hope that we will not only relate to the competition but after this, we can work together again,” he said.