“Ngetik Keroyokan” at Unpar

The group of people living with disability is full of limitations on how a person can participate in society’s life. Those limitations are not only due to the unsporting physicality to act but also due to the lack of tools/infra-structures capable of supporting the activities of people with disability.

People with visual disability are a group of people capable of reading albeit in a different way, by using Braille. Nevertheless, the availability of Braille books is relatively low and their distribution is limited to a small area of Indonesia.

Hence, FENCY ‘Fellowship of Netra Community’, – a social community partner of the Mitra Netra Foundation in providing Braille books for people with visual disability, held an inspirational activity entitled ‘Ngetik Kroyokan’ (Communal Typing).

On Friday (27/11), the FENCY in cooperation with Warta HIMAHI, an organization under the auspices of the Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Study Hubungan Internasional (HMPSIHI UNPAR)/the International Relations Study Program Students Association  that focuses itself on media and journalism, organized a book re-typing in ‘kroyokan’ or the Communal way.

“It is an important event as there are no concrete action to support the rights of people with disability”, according to Calvin Budianto as the editor in chief of Warta Himahi 2015-2016 period. He then added that Warta HIMAHI wished to have a relatively easy, low-cost but high-impact social activity.

“Ngetik Kroyokan” that was held at 11.30 Western Indonesia Time (WIB) at the co-op space at UNPAR was enthusiastically followed by 40 students from various study program. The books that were communally typed were books by Hok Gie and Rene Descartes. In the typing process, each volunteer will type a minimum of four pages of a book.

After the entire books have been re-typed, the digital file will be submitted to the Mitra Netra Foundation through FENCY, to be converted into Braille books. The entire reproduction process is not against the law as it was done for a non-profit purpose.

Regina Puspa Rani, an alumna of the International Relations Study Program who followed the ‘kroyokan” admitted that she had a lot of fun participating in the event.

“It’s fun, because I also read a part of the book that I re-typed, and it is interesting like the Soe Hoek Gie book currently on my wish list. Moreover, the ‘Ngetik Kroyokan’ procedure was simple, the committee was nice, and the typing space was quite comfortable.” according to Rani.

Echoing Rani’s statement, the ‘Ngetik Kroyokan’ should be held more often so that there will be more and significant results in the future.

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Dec 2, 2015