New Students Welcome to the Orange Campus!

Parahayangan Catholic University (Unpar) once again welcomes the nation’s best sons and daughters as new students in the 2018/2019 academic year. For four days, new students and regular Unpar students will take part in the Initiation and Adaptation (SIAP) activities. The SIAP activity began with a welcoming ceremony for new students on Monday (6/8). The ceremony was attended by the Rector of Unpar Mangadar Situmorang Ph.D. along with the university leaders, representatives of the Unpar Foundation, the University Senate, representatives of faculties and study programs, and administrators of the Unpar Student Union.

Based on the report submitted by the Vice Rector for Human Capital Dr. Paulus Sukapto representing the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, the total number of Unpar applicants in 2018 was 13,716 consisting of registrants of Interest and Ability Search (PMDK) and the Entrance Test (USM) 1 to 3. A total of 2,492 people passed the selection and have now joined Unpar.

The right choice

The Rector of Unpar appreciated the trust of new students who had chosen to join Unpar. “The choice is not wrong, the choice is very appropriate,” he explained. Unpar is one of the leading private universities in Indonesia, which also upholds noble national values. “Unpar will be your place to develop knowledge, build and foster maturity so as to become independent, mature and contributive people to the development of the nation and state,” he clarified to the new students.

On the same occasion, The Rector opened the 2018/2019 academic year, as well as opening SIAP Unpar activities. As a form of official new student admission, the Rector put Unpar alma mater suits on seven student representatives, as well as making scholarships announcements and the recital of new student pledge.

National Spirit

There was something interesting about the opening of this year’s SIAP. Unlike the previous years, when welcoming new students this time, students are invited to explore while strengthening their national spirit and national identity. This national celebration was opened by a cross-regional traditional dance performed by the Unpar Traditional Arts Circle (Listra). The Archipelagic dance variety is a symbol of diversity that is owned and must be preserved by young people represented by students.

Not only highlighting traditional culture, students also created modern collaborations in the form of monologues and contemporary dance accompanied by the song ‘Simfoni Raya Indonesia’ by the Unpar Student Choir (PSM). This performance raised the national problem among teenagers who lived in an era that was all digital and full of technological advancements. Closing the opening of SIAP, Listra invited new students and Unpar academics to dance together in the Nationality Flash Mob.

The first day of activities continued with the introduction of Spirituality and Basic Values ​​of Unpar (SINDU) and Nationality insights. SINDU lectures were delivered by lecturers and other education personnel from various faculties at Unpar, while being accompanied by mentor students. Besides SINDU, new Unpar students will also learn various new skills related to the higher education they will take.