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Moeldoko Suggests Students Distribute “Current” Value of Pancasila

JAKARTA – The Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko stated that there are three principles of Pancasila that have to be applied by every Indonesian citizen, namely philosophical, nationalistic and pragmatic values. These three values ​​must be transmitted to young people in a contemporary way “is no longer possible in this fast-paced and modern age, using the old method of reintroducing the true meaning of Pancasila,” Moeldoko said when he received the Rector of Parahyangan Catholic University Mangadar Situmorang in the Presidential Chief of Staff  office, Tuesday, August 7, 2018.
Moeldoko emphasized, getting around the waning value of Pancasila among the youth is by following what make them happy. One of the government’s real efforts to address this is to form a BPIP (Pancasila Ideology Development Agency). “In this case the BPIP has compiled a concept or method in such a way that the value of Pancasila is re-established among young people,” said the TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces) Commander 2013-2015.

Moeldoko exemplified thatmany learning methods can be applied, in an era that is as overwhelmingly digital as it is today, the effort that can be made is quite varied, for example starting from making a vlog that implies the values ​​of Pancasila, or digital learning, and others that are certainly acceptable and sufficiently familiar among millennials.

Mangadar Situmorang explained that Parahyangan Catholic University is a living proof that religious diversity can actually make brotherhood ties even tighter. He explained that Parahyangan University illustrates that although the Parahyangan campus is a Catholic one, students who are accepted are not exclusive to certain circles. Harmony between students is proven by the way the Student Representative Assembly (MPM). “Every student has the right to occupy a position in MPM regardless of religious, ethnic and racial background, the important thing is to have the vision and mission to advance the Parahyangan Catholic University’s MPM,” said Mangadar Situmorang.

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