Logo and Philosophy


The symbol of Parahyangan Catholic University is in the form of a flower that symbolizes the believe in the One and only supreme God, with different parts and meaning as follows:

Yellow background

It symbolizes the Catholic Church whose values are made the foundation for University administration;

Five yellow flower leaves in the background

They symbolize the national and state philosophy, Pancasila (the five principles);

Forty-five green feathers

They symbolize the year of the Republic of Indonesia’s independence, 1945;

Circular triangle

It symbolizes the trinity, the center of faith of Catholicism;

The motto within the triangle “Bakuning Hyang Mrih Guna Santyaya Bhakti”

It means based on divinity searching for knowledge to devoted to the society;

Eight bars

They symbolize the month of the Republic of Indonesia’s independence, August;

Seventeen serrations

They symbolize the date of the Republic of Indonesia’s independence, the seventeenth;

The red and white cross

It symbolizes the Bandung, and Bogor Dioceses and the order of the holy cross as the founders  and builders.