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Kepercayaan Diri, Modal Utama Wirausahawan Muda

Self Confidence, The Main Capital For Young Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is obviously not an easy thing to do. It takes creativity to process and manage a business, from the initial idea and concept, to being able to sustain itself, not to mention becoming a successful business enterprise. An entrepreneur is demanded to constantly develop innovative and attractive products to consumers, so as to follow the trends and needs of consumers. In fact, it is possible if creativity and innovation will produce a product that may become a trendsetter in the market.

In addition, perseverance and sense of responsibility are detrimental to a person’s success in managing his/her business. However, even before starting his/her own business, an entrepreneur must have at least one thing that can determine the beginning of the success of an entrepreneur, namely confidence. This is often overlooked by entrepreneurial actors. In fact, lack of confidence can become a major problem in entrepreneurship, especially for aspiring young entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

The Vessel for  Entrepreneurship Development

Students are not exempted from the currently growing trend of entrepreneurship. Oftentimes, creative and innovative bright ideas originated from them.

However, there are times when students encounter various problems in realizing their vision into a form of business so that those ideas are ultimately never realized into a successful business. One of the reasons is the students loss of confidence in their own business concepts. This causes them to having second thoughts about becoming entrepreneurs.

One of the roles of the university is as a place for students to develop themselves and gain knowledge, attitude and mentality to build students to plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. Universities also contribute to fostering business ethics, not just for profit alone (beyond profit ).

This can be realized in community development activities in the community through sociopreneurship . In the academic environment, students are encouraged to come up with creative and innovative ideas, which can be implemented in business products in the real world, as well as developing their entrepreneurial activities.

Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) also encourages students to develop entrepreneurship. Not only through theory, students are encouraged to practise the knowledge they learned. By practising the science of entrepreneurship, students can comprehend the principles which they acquired during lectures.

In addition, the entrepreneurial spirit within students will awaken so that later they can develop their business after they complete their studies at Unpar. Spirit and attitude as entrepreneurs can only be awakened in the entrepreneurial activity itself.

As part of the development of entrepreneurship, there are various activities carried out by students from a variety of existing departments in Unpar. One mainstay of student activities Unpar is Menefesto. This annua levent is organized by the students of the Company management study program (Prodi), Faculty of Economics Unpar.

For several years, Menefesto had not been centered on campus, but in commercial places. This is to bring students, as entrepreneurs, closer to the public. This year’s Menefesto was followed by 40 groups of students with a variety of excellent products. In keeping with the trend of today’s society, the majority of student groups came up with fashion and apparel products, with their creativity and innovation.

Not only The Management Study Program, but the D3 Management Study Program of Unpar also has a similar activity. The event entitled “Karniival” presents a variety of creative and innovative products made by students. Slightly different from Menefesto, the Karniival committee also took several young entrepreneurs and centers for small and medium enterprises, especially in the city of Bandung, to show the benefits of their products to the public.

The  Business Administration Study Program (IAB) Unpar also pays special attention to entrepreneurial activity. Each year, a Business Simulation regularly holds exhibitions, which is part of the actualization of IAB studen’st entrepreneurship. This event consists of a business expo, workshops, and artistic performances. Aside from being the actualization of student entrepreneurship, the event is useful for students when facing the entrepreneurial world someday.
Source: Kompas – Griya ilmu (Tuesday, December 20, 2016)