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Kemeriahan Ulang Tahun Unpar ke-62

The Festivities Of Unpar’s 62’nd Anniversary

Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) recently celebrated its 62nd anniversary. In contrast to previous years, this year’s anniversary was held in one day, to coincide with the date of the establishment of Unpar, January 17th.

Various activities were held to enliven the celebration of Unpar’s anniversary. The event was divided into two, namely the Thanksgiving Mass and Anniversary Oratio and Kinship Events. Taking the theme of “Unity in Diversity”, the celebration was held in the Arntz Geise Learning Center (PPAG) and on the square in front of the Rectorate Building.

As a series of events commemorating Unpar, pre-anniversary activities were held such as poster exhibitions and competitions between research and community services, Vocal Group Competition  , Fun Walk , Badminton, Table Tennis and Dance and Cooking Competitions.

When met by The Unpar Publication Team after the final sessions of the table tennis competition, Sarif (Staff of Bureau of Technology and Information) and Sandra (Staff of the bureau of General Affairs and Engineering) expressed their impressions during the series of celebrations on Dies Unpar.

“Initially, we merely wanted to participate. The fact that we won the first prize is like killing two birds with one stone”, said Sarif excitedly.

“Unpar is identical with diversity. We mingle. My colleagues and I are not from the same bureau. So, yes we are different, But we are on the same team”, he added.

Sandra expressed her hope that Unpar will continue to prosper. Let’s call it “The Great Unpar-lah”, she said when closing the brief interview on Saturday (14/01).

In main event on Tuesday (17/01), a Thanksgiving Mass led by Mgr. Antonius Subianto Bunjamin, OSC and Mgr. Paschal Bruno Syukur, OFM. The Orasio Dies titled “Higher Education in the Midst of Social Change: Challenges and Opportunities Posed by Becoming a Competitive Higher Education” was presented by Dwiwahju Saso, Ph.D., Chairman of the Accreditation Council BAN-PT. Unpar Foundation’s Board Chairman, Prof. Dr. BS Kusbiantoro and Coordinator of Kopertis Region IV, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hakim Abdul Halim, M.Sc., were present and also delivered speeches on the same occasion.

The Rector of Unpar, Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D., stated in his speech that essence of the vision and mission of Unpar is to make it credible, leading, and contributive to the development of the nation. Slowly but surely, a variety of programs and priorities were proclaimed to ensure the correct implementation of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi Unpar will run smoothly.

He said that it is fully realized that Unpar is not just a provider of higher education together with other universities, but a humane higher education, with high integrity. Unpar is managed based on spirituality and different basic values, distinctive, and authentic. A love of holistic humanity ( humanum religiosum ), compasion in truth ( Caritas in veritate ), and living in diversity ( Unity in Diversity ) are the three basic values Unpar inspired or sourced from the spirituality of the founders, Unpar’s vision, the teachings of Catholicity and traditions of the sublime Sundanese culture and society.

Not only handing awards to Unpar employees, the organizers were also presenting a variety of performances from Unpar academicians and offerings of cabaret event organizers Kinship further enliven the event.

The winners of the competitions were also announced as well as the draw door prize and the lottery  of the Grand Prize , followed by all attending visitors.

“I strongly believe that all members of the Unpar academic community want to see Unpar become better, more advanced and bigger”, said the Rector Unpar when closing his keynote speech.

Hopefully the togetherness of all Unparians can always be maintained in the beauty of diversity.