Educational Documentary Film Workshop

A documentary film is a form of film that portrays reality, and the term documentary itself was first introduced by John Grierson on February 08 1926. The workshop on educational documentary film was organized by the Centre of Learning Innovation on March 06, 2015 in the Operation room on the 4th floor of Parahyangan Catholic University Rectorate building. A resource person from Metro TV, Tedika Puri amanda along with UNPAR students attended the workshop.

In Tedika’s opinion, a documentary film has to have a profound meaning or interpretational values. Besides it has to explore the subjects’ personalities down to the smallest detail but should still be highly relevant to the theme of the documentary film. There are three important elements in a film, character, story, followed by time and space. The presented story should have the element of conflict or problem, so that the audiences are immersed in the problem faced by the character. While in time and space, the character in daily life is hoped to have a second chance and can be an inspiration for a better interpretation. A documentary film should be able to help both the character and the audiences to change for the better in line with the moral messages contained within it.

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Kantor Sekretariat Rektorat (KSR), Universitas Katolik Parahyangan

Jln. Ciumbuleuit No. 94 Bandung 40141 Jawa Barat

Mar 9, 2015