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Dukung Konsep Green Industry, Teknik Industri Unpar Tempati Peringkat II Nasional

Supporting Green Industry Concept, Unpar Industrial Engineering Ranked Second Nationally

The shift of nature’s balance has pushed industrialization towards Green Industry.  Green Industry itself is a concept of harmonizing industrial development with the sustainable function of nature. This way, an industrial company tries to utilize sustainable resources efficiently and effectively.

One of the realizations of the development of Green Industry concept is through quality engineering. Quality engineering can be translated as a constant quality improvement process within process and product design. This activity covers the whole quality control activities in every phase of the research, product development, production design until the consumers’ satisfaction phase.

Stemming from that, Kompetisi Rekayasa Tingkat Nasional IV Antar Perguruan Tinggi Indonesia/ the Indonesian inter-varsity National Level Engineering Competition IV was held as a form of educational institutions’ contribution in realizing the application of Green Industry. Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) supports the concept with its participation in the annual event held at Trisakti University October 26-28 2016.

The competition themed “Rekayasa Kualitas dalam Mendukung Green Industry”/ Quality Engineering in Supporting Green Industry, was hosted by the Industrial Engineering Department of Trisakti University in cooperation with Badan Kerjasama Teknik Industri/Industrial Engineering Cooperation Body (BKSTI). This event was aimed at gathering students of industrial engineering from all over Indonesia in order to compete in the theories and applications of quality engineering.

In the series of competitions joined by 37 teams from 27 universities, both Industrial Engineering Unpar teams managed to reach the finals. In the final round, the form of the competition reverted to a case study of problems faced by plastic bottle manufacturer PT Plasindo Prima. All five teams were given approximately 4 hours to prepare their presentation to solve the problem faced by PT. Plasindo Prima. The solutions of the problem were later presented to all 6 jurors/adjudicators.

The two Unpar teams consisted of 6 students, namely: Christin Natalia Bintoro (2013610085), Aditya Prakoso (2013610139), Priska Pricilia (2013610142), Stefanus Ivan Laksono (2014610052), Wimara Hardani (2014610167) and Kadima Lukas (2014610177) who won the first runner-up prize and the first honorary mention prize.

It is hoped that this competition will improve students’ knowledge and competence in quality engineering to support Green Industry so that eventually students can become more attentive to the demands of Indonesia.