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Dies Natalis Ke-62, Enam Dekade Mengabdi di Bumi Priangan

62 Anniversary, Six Decades Of Devotion In Priangan Land

There are numerous factors that make a university acknowledged by the community, both by laymen and academicians. One of them is age. An institution that has existed in a long period of time will have demonstrated the ability to overcome the challenges of the times and continue to adapt in various forms of innovation. Additionally, time has provided a valuable experience for an institution. With more than six decades of experience, Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) confirms itself as one of the oldest private universities in Indonesia.

The Dream of Building the Country

The birth of Unpar was an answer to Indonesia’s needs of people who will drive the development of Indonesia. Its establishment can be traced to the consolidation era of the post-independence Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the number of experts who have a good knowledge turned out to be inadequate so that at the beginning of independence, development stalled. With that purpose in mind, various groups felt the urgent need for higher education institutions, which can produce experts whose existence will be indispensable.

This Desire was what drove two visionaries, Mgr. PM. Arntz, OSC. and Mgr. Prof. Dr. NJC. Geise, OFM., to establish a higher education institution in the city of Bandung.

At present, Unpar is home to seven faculties, which house 16 undergraduate courses, one diploma program, as well as a graduate school. They include a variety of disciplines, ranging from Economics, Law, Politics, Engineering and so on.

Serving the Communities

As a scientific institution, in addition to teaching and conducting research, community services have become the primary mission for Unpar. It is expressed in Unpar’s vision, “Bakuning Hyang Mrih Santyaya Guna Bhakti“, namely based on divinity, searching for knowledge to be devoted to the Community. This Unpar vision briefly describes Unparians. Humans in Unpar are people with a high spirit of learning. They have the power to become agents of change, through community service, science and knowledge gained.

The Unpar vision, the spirituality of Unpar’s Founding Fathers, the Spirit of Love in the Christian Truth, and the noble traditions of wisdom in the Sundanese community, serve as the basis for spirituality instilled in every Unparian, from the moment they entered Unpar for the first time onwards. Of these four basic kinds of spirituality, three basic values must be possessed by every Unparian were developed, namely the Whole Human (Humane), Compassion in truth ( Caritas in Veritate ), and Life in diversity (Unity in Diversity). The Spirituality and Core Values of Unpar (Sindu) are the guiding vision, mission, and guidance for every Unparian.

Sindu has been proven to be not a mere term, but actually implemented in the academic life of the Unpar community. Through the creation of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), for example, Unpar academicians can implement the science they have by working  directly in the community.

Numerous student activities are also a the proofing ground for young Unparians who grow up into agents of change. This activity comes from the initiative of the students in the Students Union (PM) of Unpar, the Study Programs Student Associations, and a variety of student activity units and communities in Unpar.

Unpar commemorates its 62nd anniversary. This is not a young age. For Unpar, this age indicates its success in following the  developments and needs of the times. In the Tatar Pasundan environment which is full of diversity, Unpar has proven its existence as an institution of higher education that is universal, open, and able to produce humane young man. Six decades of experience is what has formed Unpar in accordance with the Unpar vision in its quest to achieve “The Great Unpar”.

Unpar’s 62nd Anniversary was held on January 17 on Unpar’s Campus, on Ciumbuleuit road, Bandung. This year’s Anniversary theme is “Unity in Diversity”. As in previous years, this commemoration is divided into two activities, namely Orasio Dies  and Dies for closeness. The  orator was Dwiwahju Saso, Ph.D., Chairman of the Accreditation Council BAN-PT, with the theme “Higher Education in the Midst of Social Change: Challenges and Opportunities to Become a Competitive Higher Education Institution”.

The series of events that enliven the anniversary includes a poster exhibition of research results and community service conducted throughout 2016. The poster exhibition is both a means of accountability for results of research and community service performed by Unpar lecturers and facilitated by LPPM Unpar.

At the end of the Orasio Dies activity, various awards for study programs, lecturers, and educational Staff were given concerning numerous achievements and accomplishments. The award was also given to the lecturer-researchers with outstanding scientific works, both at the faculty level and at the university level.


Source: KOMPAS – Griya Ilmu (Tuesday, January 24, 2017)