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Civil Engineering Student Won”The Best Paper Award” at the 8th International Conference on Civil and Structural Engineering (CSE)

On 3-4 February 2018, the 8 th Joint International Conference was organized by theIRED, Kuala Lumpur. The conference consisted of 5 categories, namely Civil and Structural Engineering (CSE); Economics, Management and Social Studies (EMS); Applied Science and Environmental Engineering (ASEE); Computing, Electronics and Electrical Technology (CEET); and Mechanical, Aeronautical and Production Techniques (MAPT). Participants who attended this conference also came from various countries. To attend this conference, each participant had to submit a paper . The delivery period is divided into three, namely the early bird round, the late round, and the final round.

The following is the story of Shienny Lilianto, a student of Civil Engineering Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) who won “The Best Paper Award” at the 8th International Conference on Civil and Structural Engineering (CSE).

“I along with Mr. Budijanto Widjaja, Ph.D a lecturer of Civil Engineering Unpar sent a  conference paper in the late round period . After waiting a few days, our submission made it to the next round. Of the 371 research articles in the late round period , 224 articles were received. Afterwards, the participants whose papers had been accepted had to register for a presentation in Kuala Lumpur.

On February 3rd, at 13.00 (Malaysian time) the participants whose papers had been accepted were required to re-register. The location of re-registration and conference was at Hotel GTower, Kuala Lumpur. At re-registration I was given a folder containing the proceeding CD , an abstract book of each participant with the presentation, a presentation schedule, a nametag , notes , and a ballpoint pen.

On February 4, the conference began. I arrived at 08.30 at the Hotel GTower. I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the other participants, Kyong Min Ro from Korea and Eskinder from Ethiopia. We entered the room at 09.00. After the opening event, each participant had to copy the presentation file onto the laptop that had been provided. After that, the presentation started with 2 people first and then taking a group photo. The series of events continued with a presentation delivered by expert speakers Prof. Loo, Huck Soo, and Professor. Dr. Ching Yern Chee.

I got my turn at 16.00. During the wait, it was hard not to be tense. Then, it was my turn to present the paper . After that the event continued with the presentations from some participants again until 17:30. At the end of the event, every category of best paper was announced in the field. Then, unexpectedly, for the CSE field, my name was mentioned. I was very surprised and did not expect that. Then I moved forward to receive a certificate of best paper from Prof. Ching and felt very grateful.

I felt very happy to be able to go through all these amazing things. From the anxiety of having to go to Malaysia alone, fear of not being able to present well, fear of my so-so English, and finally all came to pass. I am very grateful for the opportunity given by my lecturer Pak Budijanto Widjaja, Ph.D. Without his support and assistance, it is unlikely that this paper could have become the best paper. For that I am really glad to have had this extraordinary opportunity at the end of my studies as an Unpar student.