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Unpar Staff Mobility Program

Unpar’s  Staff Mobility Program is one of the agenda itemof Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) to support the competence and performance of its employees. One of the language instructors of Unpar Career Development Center (PPK), Kristining Seva, SS, M.Pd  participated in an International Seminar on Internationalization, Innovation, and Sustainable Development on 19-23 …

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Studying Mathematics at Unpar

At the elementary/ junior/high school level, students learn the use of formulas in the form of math problems. Meanwhile, at the university level, mathematics is taught in more detail about the process. This is because students are believed to be able to learn independently. “We teach the process. So we do not merely …

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Realizing Citarum Harum

As a large river in the West Java Province, Citarum River has received its share of international attention. This was due to the pollution that occurs in the river, as the artery for the community. Slums, waste dumping into the water, industrial waste and livestock disposal, and unsustainable farming patterns are the …

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Ramadan at The Museum: When Diplomacy Is Not Merely By Humans

“Ngabuburit” is an expression in Indonesia as an activity performed before it is time to break the fast time. To provide a choice of positive and educative ngabuburit event, the Management of the Asian-African Conference Museum organized a Ramadhan discussion at The Museum annually in the format of scientific discussion. Holding the roles as educators …

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Practising Diplomacy: Legacy, Transition, and Adaptation

Practising Diplomacy (or more commonly known as Prakdip) is one of the subjects that aims to provide opportunities for students and students of the International Relations Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (Prodi HI Unpar) to practise the concepts that have been learned in class. Prakdip is a simulation of international …

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Nurturing Interest In Science

” Following a mechanical assembly competition  is one of the efforts to hone students’ skills in science, technology, math, science, and the arts.” JAKARTA, KOMPAS – Students’ interest in science, technology, math, engineering, and art classes should be nurtured as early as possible. Following Rube Goldberg’s mechanical assembly competition is one of …

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Ngabuburit and Breaking the Fast with Unpar’s Partners

Entering the month of Ramadan is full of blessings, as there is no harm for every human being to strengthen the bond between people. This is a concern of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar). This year, Unpar once again held “Ngabuburit” and Breaking the  Fast activities as a form of unity between Unpar …

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Lecturers of FISIP Unpar Taught English in Nagreg-Kendan

Bahasa Inggris

A Lengser dance (which is a Sundanese traditional greeting) initiated the community service program of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Parahyangan Catholic University (FISIP Unpar) in Nagreg-Kendan, Bandung Regency on (15/5). the FISIP Unpar team that consisted of a number of lecturers and students were also treated …

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Handover of Unpar’s Post Graduate Program Management

On Wednesday (6/6), Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) held a Handover Ceremony of The Post-graduate Program from the School of Post-Graduate Studies to Faculties within Unpar, situated in the Operation Room, of the Unpar Rectorate. The event was attended by the Rector and his staff, the deans and vice deans, the heads …

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