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BIPA Unpar Welcomes PPSDK Kemdikbud’s Visit

The Indonesian Language Institute for Foreign Speakers of Parahyangan Catholic University (BIPA Unpar) received a visit from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Language and Diplomacy Strategy Development Center (PPSDK Kemdikbud) in order to “Disseminate BIPA Teaching Materials Based on Indonesian Literature”, on Friday (09/28/2018). PPSDK is a language unit …

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Becoming an Oasis of Diversity in the Carnival of Humanity

In its history, Indonesia and diversity have been two things that cannot be separated. Indonesian living in the archipelago, with their geographical wealth, mutually adapted to create a diversity of tribes, languages ​​, and cultures. Not to mention, the influx of people from outside the geographical area provides social and cultural impacts …

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3rd International Statistics Engineering Competition FTI 2018

Processing data is a capability that needs to be processed in-depth in this modern era. Data processing capabilities are not only about statistical calculations. A person who acts as a data processor often has to know what factors and data need to be used in finding key answers to a problem. This …

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Unpar Student Union

The Unpar Student Union (PM) was established in 1971. PM Unpar is a form of perfecting the Unpar Student Family which is the previous student government. Unpar PM members are the Student Representative Assembly (MPM), the Student Presidency Institute (LKM), the 17 Study Program Student Associations (HMPS), and 26 Student Activity …

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Unpar Listra Cultural Mission 2018

BANDUNG – With the enthusiasm of young people in preserving Indonesian culture, the Student Activity Unit of the Parahyangan Catholic University’s Traditional Arts Circle (UKM Listra Unpar) will once again hold a Cultural Mission program in August 2018. In the upcoming 2018 Cultural Mission activities, the Student Activity Unit engaged in …

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Unpar Is Ready to Join the Choir Competition in Latvia

Bandung: The Parahyangan Catholic University Student Choir (PSM Unpar) will follow the 3rd International Baltic Sea Choir Competition, at Dzintari Concert Hall Jurmala, Latvia, on 21-24 September 2018. Before leaving for Latvia, PSM Unpar will hold a Pre-Competition session in two cities, namely Bandung and Jakarta. For Bandung it will be …

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The Role of Universities in Strengthening the Nation’s Character

karakter kebangsaan

Through the advancement of technology in the field of information and communication, young Indonesians are exposed to an abundance of information that is disseminated through the internet and easily accessed through smart devices. Such information not only has a positive impact but can also have a negative one. Ideology, as well …

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Sindu: Invented by Unparian, Hope for Indonesia

Prof. Satryo Soemantri Brodjonegoro as the chairman of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) once said that it is hoped that someday the accreditation of higher education institutions is not only seen from the positivist and exact point of view which refers to numbers. This was conveyed in the Discussion of the …

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SIAP Unpar 2018: Igniting the Spirit, Getting to Know Friends

The Student orientation period is one event that exist in every academic year. The ranks of the rectorate and members of the Parahyangan Catholic University Student Presidency Institute (LKM) this year held an orientation for Initiation and Adaptation (SIAP) orientation slightly differently compared to previous years. Missing was the moment the …

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