Career Development Center

The Career Development Center/ Pusat Pengembangan Karir (PPK) aims at preparing future graduates by providing them with activities with applicable knowledge to be used in new challenges of entering the occupational world after finishing their study. As well as facilitating Unpar graduates to obtain employment or further education in cooperation …

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Learning Innovation Center

The establishment of the Learning Innovation Center / Pusat Inovasi Pembelajaran (PIP) was based on the organizational structure and management of 2013. PIP is tasked to facilitate the effort to continually improve the quality of learning in Parahyangan Catholic University through a series of basic methodology training for lecturers, compile …

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International and Cooperation Office

Penerimaan Mahasiswa Asing Kantor Internasional dan Kerjasama

The International and Cooperation Office / Kantor Internasional dan Kerjasama (KIK) is a support unit that performs a strategic function in strengthening Parahyangan Catholic University’s position as an international level university that is devoted to society based on the value of respect for human dignity and the integrity of the …

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Unpar Press

UnparPress Majalah Unpar, Buku Saku Spiritualitas dan Nilai Dasar

The Parahyangan Catholic University Publishing facility was pioneered by the Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) from 2004-2007, led by of A.B.M. Witono. Ph.D. under the name of Unpar Press. After a period of inactivity, it was revitalized and organized by the Unpar Foundation. The main objective of the Unpar …

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