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Bakti Desa

Bakti Desa, FISIP Unpar’s Student Initiation

As a series of student initiations of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Catholic University of Parahyangan (Unpar), the Bakti Desa activity (Village Dedication) takes place every year and is dedicated to every new student of FISIP Unpar. Previously, all new students joined the Initiation and Adaptation activities known as SIAP in the university environment as a series of Unpar Student Admissions (PMB) activities. Bakti Desa 2017 takes place on Monday (21/8) to Thursday (24/8) in Sukalaksana Village, Garut, Kabupaten Bandung. A total of 530 new students attended the event.

FISIP new students are incorporated into three courses namely; Public Administration Science, Business Administration Science, and International Relations are invited to participate in these activities. This activity aims to make new students more concerned and willing to help the people who live in the countryside, and participate in activities together with the villagers. In 2017, Bakti Desa holds the theme of “Diversity”. Diversity has diverse meanings, new students coming from various tribes, religions, and cultures into one in the homeland of Indonesia.

At 12.00 am exactly the new students arrived in the Village Sukalaksana, Garut, transported by 15 trucks. All the new students gathered in the big field that became the meeting point. The event was then opened by the Dean of FISIP, Pius Sugeng Prasetyo and a number of village representatives. Subsequently, the participants were divided into groups and lived with the villagers.

Entering the second day, the students who had been divided into 4 small areas gathered in each region. Participants in each region prepare group offerings to be competed for other areas. In addition, there is an agenda of village devotion activities, where each region is given the task of helping to develop the village in the form of painting a house of worship, building a reading garden, and painting the walls of the land boundary.

Coinciding with the anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia’s 72nd birthday, the students also had the opportunity to join the 17-year race with the surrounding elementary school children. Enthusiasm for the festive race of the 17th made the fatigue no longer felt. Previously, students also watched the film titled “Merah Putih” to instill the values ​​of nationalism in them and the love of the country.

Other series of Bakti Desa agenda are screenings of short film footage, games to hone knowledge about Indonesian history, morning gymnastics event, and trekking which the track has been determined and marked by the committee so it will be safe and harmless to pass.

Videos from the committee and offerings from the residents enliven the closing of Bakti Desa activities. In addition, on the final day they also held an election for the chairman of FISIP force 2017. A Laba laba show from all students FISIP Unpar was displayed during the closing last night at Bakti Desa 2017.