APDeC: Colloquium and Workshop

Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design, installation and improvement of integrated systems of people, material, equipment, money and energy as defined by the Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE). It is believed that human should be the center of our design, whether it’s in a product design, a process, a machine, a system even in a technology. The design process should begin and end with human focus in it. Even during the design process, human focus should be present at all times. Although the concept is not really new, it has evolved into something more interesting and complex as humanity, technology and God-created nature are changing too. The rise of information technology, for example, forces us to do business, to communicate and to work differently, hence the need for a new design perspective.

As a part of a larger community, Industrial Engineering Department Universitas Katolik Parahyangan (IE UNPAR) is also responsible to take parts enriching humanity through IE discipline, that is engineering and design. In 2013, Asia Pacific Design Challenge (known as APDeC) was first held as a venue for students to show their abilities finishing a 48 hour design challenge. In order to gain a new perspective on the design process, students and academician should add new knowledge through a series of lectures that is held in this year event. Even more, new design skills were also provided at the Four Pleasures Workshop.

The colloquium was opened by the Rector of UNPAR, Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D and the Dean of Faculty of Industrial Technology, Dr. Thedy Yogasara.  Four distinguished speakers -Prof. Ellen Yi-Luen Do from NUS Singapore, Dr. Johanna Hariandja (UNPAR), Dr. Markus Hartono (University of Surabaya) and Dr. Patrick Jordan from the Patrick Jordan Limited based in London UK- presented their ideas in a series of lectures to the audience with different backgrounds: students, lecturers and practitioners. Their talks -divided into two sessions -share a common idea: Design for Well Being, where again human becomes the center of the design.  Prof. Ellen Yi-Luen Do presented her talk entitled “Creating Unique Technology for Everyone – CUTE” while Dr. Johanna Hariandja talked about “Assistive Technology: From User-Centered Design to Design for User Empowerment”. The human side of service engineering was Dr. Markus Hartono’s topic at this event. Finally, Dr. Patrick Jordan brought the topic to another level “Designing a Good Society”. At the end of each session, a panel discussion took place, moderated by Catharina B. Nawangpalupi, Ph.D and Dr. Dian Kemala Putri respectively. The Four Pleasures Workshop was conducted by Dr. Patrick Jordan facilitating all participants building new skills in designing for the benefits of humanity. The two day event has developed new insights to all participants. They were agreed to build a network of knowledge sharing among designers.

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Nov 6, 2015