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Zefanya Prabowo: My Experience in Germany

It had never come across my mind that I would be chosen as one of the participants of Viadrina Summer Course “European System of Human Rights” to receive scholarship from DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst or German Academic Exchange Service). I was really fortunate to have my travel cost expenses and tuition fee covered in this remarkable experience.

The summer course itself was held in Viadrina University, located in Frankfurt Oder, Germany, right in the border of German and Poland in which are separated by a river (Oder). All the participants must face day-to-day life crossing the border from our dorm in which was located in Slubice, Poland, to the University through a connecting bridge. It was really mind-blowing to experience the ease of Freedom of Movement between EU (European Union) countries, and also to learn simple conversational language of both German and Polish.

There were 70 people coming from more than 30 countries across the globe and participated in the summer course. Those people came from Ukraine , Poland , Philippines , Georgia , Colombia , Singapore , Armenia , Tajikistan , India , Australia , Netherlands , Russian Federation , Germany , United Kingdom , Croatia , Greece , Turkey , Kazakhstan , Jordan , Spain , Albania , Kosovo , Sweden , Uganda , Bangladesh , Denmark , Kyrgyzstan , Indonesia , Uzbekistan , Peru , Taiwan , and Italy . I made friends with plenty of wonderful and intelligent people from aforementioned countries during the 2 (two) weeks of the summer course. We shared a lot of cultural talks, interesting issues regarding law, human rights, and government from different countries, and also a fantastic time together. There is no regret but only a feeling of gratitude for joining this summer course.

My endless gratitude goes to Unpar, especially the BUD (Be Unpar Delegation) Program, for choosing me as the delegation. I would have never achieved my dream to be able to study abroad on a scholarship without the assistance of the IO (International Office) of Unpar. So danke schön and dziękuję, Unpar!

Writer: Zefanya Prabowo (Faculty of Law, Batch 2014)