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Youth Pledge Week

UNPAR Students Presidential Institution (MFI) held a Youth Pledge Week event to celebrate the Youth Pledge Day. The event runs smoothly for 3 days from the date of October 28 – 30, 2014. In addition to celebrate the Youth Day which falls on October 28th, 2014, the Youth Pledge Week also becomes one of the series of activities of UNPAR 60th Anniversary.

On the first day of the Youth Pledge Week, dialogue event or discussion between Students Executive Board (BEM) of all great Bandung with community organizations in Bandung was held; this event was called as National Dialogue with the theme of PANCASILA AND YOUTH. It is hoped that through this National Dialogue, new ideas will emerge from the youth that may have been lost in human individualism and negative globalization nowadays. Attended by 13 representatives from BEM and community organizations, from this dialogue emerges a MANIFESTO as a result of brainstorming from Indonesian youths about youth problems and its connection with Pancasila. Other than students and youths, war veterans also attend the event to share experience as well as becoming the source on how youths in the past act according to the need of that era.

On the second day, 29th of October 2014, is the event of Indonesia Menggambar (Indonesia Draws). By inviting 30 participants from each levels of education (Elementary School, Junior High School, and Senior High School) in Bandung. They were provided with paint and media for painting. Theme provided in accordance with the capabilities of each participant that is, whether it’s from elementary, junior high, or high school. Media provided include drawing paper for elementary participants, glass for junior high participants and plastic barrel for high school participants.

Main event is on 30th of November 2014, held a National Seminar at UNPAR Postgraduate building. Participants were present from invited guests, UNPAR students, to participants from outside amounted to more than 500 people. Through this national seminar, expected that given essence can be accepted by every participant and they were able to apply it in everyday life.