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Innovative ICT Based Leadership Workshop

The faculty of Information Technology and Science (FTIs) of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) in collaboration with Santa Angela Junior High School, Bandung, held a workshop with the theme “Scientific Thinking”. The workshop was initiated by the head of Santa Angela Junior High School in order to establish innovative ICT-based leadership. The activity was held on Wednesday (18/1) on the Campus of Santa Angela Junior High School and lasted for half a day.

Janto V. Sulungbudi, lecturer in the Physics Study Program (Prodi) Unpar acted as the guide for the workshop activities. He was assisted by 15 students from the FTIS Unpar Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Engineering Study program. This event was attended by around 500 students of Santa Angela junior high school.

The workshop began with a panel attended by all students containing explanation and demonstration of the process of scientific methods. In the second session, each Unpar student became a facilitator in each class (a total of 15 classes) for students. In this session, they were invited to practice to think and work using the scientific method, but in a way that is interesting and fun. Participants were divided into groups of four people to apply scientific methods in finding the best strategy to win the game.

The students were also trained to write: problem statement, research question, hypothesis, analysis and conclusion, and subsequently communicated them to others. The workshop activity was closed with a panel session to summarize all the processes that have been implemented.

Source: ftis.unpar.ac.id