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Use of Social Media in Business

“Bandung is a destination, whether it’s for entrepreneurs or consumers.”

According to Rommy while opening the Bandungan Business Forum 2017 held in the Auditorium of  Parahyangan Catholic University’s School of Postgraduate Studies (Unpar) at 30 Merdeka Street, on Wednesday (6/9).

Bandungan Business Forum discusses the use of advertising on Facebook and Instagram social medias for online business. The invited resource persons were successful businessmen dominating the market in Bandung and a representative of the city government, GoJek strategic regional head of West Java Zainal Abidin, Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Iwa Gartiwa, CEO of Hivermind, Ganjar Kersana, partner acquisition specialist for Blibli.com, Agus Pribadi, CEO of Kickdenim, Hartiman, and CEO of PT BDG Rommy Zulkarnain as moderator.

The forum which is open to the public is wrapped in a relaxed atmosphere and more priority was given to the questions and answers between participants and speakers so that the atmosphere of the event become even more lively.


Online or Offline Business?

“People come to Bandung for shopping. There are FO (factory outlets), distributions (distribution outlets), that are essentially offline. But the market is now segmented, there are online and offline, whereas the level of buying in Bandung hasincreased, “said Rommy vigorously at the opening of the forum.

The CEO of Kickdenim Hartiman explained, the offline phenomenon in Indonesia began to be less respected because of the many social medias and selling sites, such as Blibli. Thus, the strength of a product of goods and services offered in online media must be developed.

Online businesses, he continued, cut a lot of costs, one of which is store rental. According to Rommy, it is better to rent a room that can be used as a warehouse. Based on his experience, the store rental price per year is around 135 million rupiah, a significant difference with the price of rental rooms per year.

“I used to sleep surrounded by sacks in the room that made a warehouse. It’s nothing really; it is more worth it than opening a shop, “said Hartiman.


Tips for Successful Online Business

Many participants who are young entrepreneurs or just starting to pioneer the business . So, Hartiman who is also the owner of the Black ID, the Nomi Trademark, and the Superblank brand mentioned the importance of branding images, especially in doing business online.

Promotion is an important key in branding image and closely related to trade. Social media Instagram and Facebook are the most frequently used median for buying and selling goods and services. So, social media feeds should be made as attractive as possible. He called Instagram a medium that is more often used to shop online compared to Facebook.

The phenomenon among Instagram users is the increasingly higher views for video than photos posting. However, Hartiman said, do not merely upload videos to Instagram account because it will be boring. He also mentioned,  thatInstagram content should vary, not only displaying the products sold. For example, providing various tips and trivia related to the product.

In addition to using social media, online stores are already emerging and become the right place to sell products, such as Blibli.com. Blibli has special provisions, such as product photos. Agus said photos of uploaded goods must display the product in detail using a white background. Therefore, white provides a contrast that can highlight the original detail and color of the product so that more focus.


Building Trust

The more sophisticated the technology, the more sophisticated the tricks observed in fraud. Online store fraud stories often color news portals. Be it sellers or buyers should always be vigilant in the face of the fraudsters. Online stores must also mobilize innovative ideas in building buyer confidence. In addition, transparency becomes an important asset.

One of the easiest ways is to update every day on social media accounts. Not just product uploads, but also photo routines in the office. Thus, the activities undertaken can be seen by potential buyers.

“What I usually do is taking photos when making the clothes. We can use a camera phone or a digital camera. For example, when packing the goods or whatever lying around in the office! “Said Hartiman.