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Efforts to Create Young Entrepreneurs

As a place to gain knowledge and self-development, a university is instrumental in establishing the mental attitude of the students. This is mainly related to the world of entrepreneurship that has become the new opportunity being hailed by many people.

Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) also considers it important to foster a good provision for business. Therefore, Unpar encourages students who take an interest in the entrepreneur world to have confidence. That is the basic capital for prospective businessmen, especially for beginners.

In an effort to create  young entrepreneurs, Unpar established the Centre of Excellence for the  Small and Medium Enterprise Development (CoE SME Development) under the auspices of The Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM). CoE SME Development has a vision to become a center in the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Meanwhile, in achieving its vision, LPPM continually strive actively contribute with an emphasis on sustainable growth in knowledge in the development of SMEs. Through the Business Technology Incubator Unit, LPPM also provides a forum for students who are starting-up businesses, in which there was a briefing and guidance to manage and improve their businesses.

Not only CoE SME Development, a number of entrepreneurship education programs, seminars on various topics of entrepreneurship,  business expo, various workshops , and business communities across Unpar pioneered by students are Unpar efforts to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit as well as the creating young entrepreneurs.

Business Club Unpar

focusing on the field of entrepreneurship, Business Club Unpar (BCU) is an Unpar student-initiated community that provides an opportunity to meet and share with new people to talk about the business world. This community provides a platform, especially for those who are challenged and intends to establish a business and become an entrepreneur.

BCU’s vision is to create a lot of Unpar-graduated entrepreneurs to turn the wheels of the Indonesian economy. The missions of this community, among others to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit and leadership of Unpar students, educate Unpar students on how to run a business properly, and become a role model for all students in Indonesia to become entrepreneurs.

The year 2015 was the establishment of BCU as the result of a discussion with John Marsusi, S. Sos., who was at that time still serving as the Head of Student and Academic Bureau (BKA) Unpar. BCU was then formally realized in March 2016, since then has been conducting routine activities that take place every Friday. The Joy of Living an Entrepreneurship’s Life; Sales and Marketing; Products and Services; Courage to Start Business; Choosing the Right Business Partner are among a number of interesting topics presented by BCU.

BCU also contribute actively to organizing the event “Alumni’s Talk” held by BKA Unpar every month. “First Steps to Be an Entrepreneur”, a topic presented by Marcellinus Rio, graduated from Civil Engineering Unpar (2006) became the prime BCU cooperation with BKA Unpar. Both will continue to enhance cooperation in various Alumni’s Talk events with the topic of sustainable business. In the same year, members of BCU also began to gather community members to achieve the target of 150 active students who regularly follow each event held by BCU.

Henri Soerjadi is one of the original founders of the BCU. Although Henri was a student of Civil Engineering, he has an interest to venture into business because he felt that he possesses the soul of an entrepreneur . Initially, he felt confused because he had no mentor. Then after having a mentor he thought and moved to form a business community.

In 2017, BCU plans to become an  official Unpar Student Activity Unit (UKM). Such efforts have been fulfilled by BCU through a regular program in 2016.

“There is something unique here at BCU. Thus, students came not only from Unpar. There were those from ITB who also came. There were also students from Maranatha. moreover, there are students from Padjadjaran University. In fact there were alumni sitting-in . So the guests as well, “said Henri enthusiastically.

In the future, BCU would like to develop its community more by cooperating with the alumni of the faculty and other departments at Unpar. Not only does it have the operational system of an UKM as well as the regeneration of the board members, but it is attracting interest from outside companies and cooperation between universities as more special missions for BCU to be achieved.