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Unpar’s Architecture Students attained high achievement in Futurarc Prize 2018

Repeating their achievement in 2015, the Parahyangan Catholic University Students Architecture Team (Unpar) had won the 1st place in Futurarch Prize 2018. This event is an annual international architectural competition organized by Futurarc Journal as one of the leading media in the development of green architecture in Asia.

The Unpar Architecture Students who attained the achievement consisted of Dennis Cahya Indra, Ahmad Zabel Fachreza, Rionaldi Gunadi, and Mario Pegas. They competed in one category of the contest, the Student Category. Quoted from the official Futurarc Prize page, the first collaborative team with a common interest in global urbanism and its relationship to architectural biophilic design issues.

The idea of ​​biophilia is implemented in the city plan design that they developed. The arrangement of the Wan Chai district area in Hong Kong is recognized as the best student work by Futurarc jurors. Dr. Nirmal Kishnani, Futurarc’s main juror, stated that their proposal was very courageous in transforming the densely populated district. ” The texture, quality, and intensity of the city are not lost, but rather, transformed,” he commented in a release received by the Publication Team. Moreover, their design is capable of implying that changes in urban structuring should appreciate what is already present in the region.

Two other jurors expressed similar views. The architect of the SHAU bureau, Florian Heinzelmann, expressed his appreciation for the students’ work, which is able to transform arterial/main roads into green open spaces. On the other hand, Dr. Zalina Shari commented that the professional presentation, though seen as very radical, is in fact considered excellent, comprehensive, and full of positive impact for the environment and society.

The Futurarc Prize, which has been held for 11 years, is a forum for professionals and architecture students to contribute their creative ideas related to the development of green architecture. This year, the Asian level competition was attended by more than 80 participants. This proud achievement shows the existence of Unpar students who are able to compete at the international level, especially in Asia.