Unpar Jaga Tradisi Akademik Berkualitas

Unpar Statutes 2016

The decree of the Unpar Foundation Trustee No. 11/2016 concerning Unpar’s Statutes on March22, 2016 must be joyful news for every member of the Unpar community.

Since the initial idea to revise the 2005 Statutes, the drafting team was formed and commenced work in 2012. The team’s effort was continued by the next team with better results in 2014. Efforts to perfect it were made by the next team in 2016. Starting from the acceptance by the Supervisory board and culminating in the decree by the Foundation Trustees.

My gratitude to all drafting team members from the first to the last teams. Your goodwill, clear thoughts, and hard work so far have paid of with the decreeing of the 2016 Statute. My sincerest gratitude for all sides both inside and outside the university including the senate and the foundation who contributed to enriching this 2016 statute, because, the work that lasted for five years has finally come to an end.

It is a joyful occasion, because the decree is a form of acknowledgment of the good things written in this statute; as well as the recognition that not everything that is good can be covered and formulated in this statute.

With this awareness, the 2016 statute has been declared accepted and will be effective immediately. It is more than simply replacing the 2005 statute, the 2016 statute is meant to continue and strengthen the spirit of virtue and improvement.

With the 2016 statutes, we have a strong legal basis to move together.
With the 2016 statutes we have a firmer sense of direction with a clearer vision and mission.
And with the 2016 statutes, all policies, programs and work plans can go hand in hand.
May all goodwill be facilitated and strengthened!

To become a humane academic community that develops local potential to the global level for the improvement of human dignity and the integrity of nature creation.

This is Unpar’s vision that is based on and imbued by Unpar spirituality and Core Values (SINDU)


All members of Unpar academic society should read and comprehend the 2016 statute and willfully try to make a better Unpar, indeed the Great Unpar a reality.

Best Regards,

Mangadar Situmorang, Ph.D


Click here to read the 2016 statutes