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UNPAR Science Atelier

UNPAR’s Science Atelier is one of the academic and students’ affairs activities of the Physics study program of Parahyangan Catholic University conducted since 2008 with the mission: to bring excitement of learning science to all kids and to all people around the world. Initially the UNPAR Science Atelier was purely the effort and initiative of alumni

of the Physics Study Program at UNPAR by recruiting active UNPAR physics students to take part in teaching under the guidance of the UNPAR Science Atelier. Nowadays the UNPAR Science Atelier is aided by UNPAR and UNPAR’s Physics study program through the appointment of Flaviana, S.Si., M.T. as the person in charge (PIC) of UNPAR’s Science Atelier.

UNPAR’s Science Atelier is conducted to aid students (junior-senior high school) specifically in the Bandung area, to get to know physics more through prepared modules, to be practised in fun and simple ways. UNPAR’s Science Atelier is usually asked to teach physics modules through practice in extra-curricular activities. Through this event, students understand the application of physics theories in everyday life more, so that, students who had previously been unable to grasp physics concepts, will be able to grasp them. By now UNPAR’s Science Atelier has conducted teaching practice and provided guidance in several schools, such as: 1 Santa Maria high school Bandung, II BPK Penabur Christian High School, Pandu Junior High school, St.Angela high school, and others. Other than teaching physics modules through practice, the teachers also provided guidance for the preparation of the Olympic and university entrance test such as the one administered at St. Angela high school Bandung.

On the other hand, teachers of UNPAR’s Science Atelier also gained a lot of experiences such as: how teachers are able to convey knowledge to their students and how to teach in a good and effective way, as well as introducing UNPAR, specifically the Physics study program to students who are continuing to higher education.

For further information on the UNPAR Science Atelier, please contact UNPAR’s Science Atelier in building 9, first floor or contact Flaviana (Flaviana@unpar.ac.id), (022) 2041964 ext. 727 or visit the UNPAR Science Atelier Web at http://scienceatelier.wordpress.com/ and email to bengkel.sains@gmail.com.