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Unpar Physics Student Participates in “CERN Summer Student Program”

A Physics Student of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) , Meutia Wulansatiti, has the opportunity to attend CERN  Summer Student Program . She is the first Indonesian Physics student to participate in this activity. CERN is the largest Physics laboratory in the world located on the Swiss and French border. Many CERN physics discoveries originated from CERN such as “Higgs Boson”, also known as the God particle in 2012. In addition, CERN contributed to inventions beyond physics, such as the  World Wide Web found by CERN staff to help physicists share data.

By following the CERN  Summer Student Program , Meutia will be at CERN’s laboratory for eight weeks, from June 19 to August 15, 2017. While at CERN, Meutia will attend lectures from world renowned physicists working at CERN. In addition, she will also join the ATRAP experiment to create antimatter. Antimatter is an exotic pair of matter, which can only be created in high energy. This antimatter was the inspiration for Dan Brown’s book entitled Angels & Demons .

Prior to joining the program, Meutia was incorporated in the ALICE collaboration which is also part of CERN. In her final assignment, Meutia took ALICE experimental data, remotely, to reconstruct the neutral meson D. This final project was completed with Dr. Suharyo Sumowidagdo from LIPI and Dr. Sylvia Hastuti Sutanto Unpar Physics Lecturer. Although already part of CERN, this is the first chance for Meutia to be directly on the CERN site in Geneva.

“This is a brand new thing for me, I feel nervous and excited at the same time,” commented Meutia. She revealed that she was looking forward to this experience. “I am looking forward to experiencing this  summer student program  , because I will work with people who are experts in the field and also to add new friends who are passionate in their respective fields,” she concluded.


Source: physics.unpar.ac.id