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UNPAR Mathematics Competition 2014

In the last decade, technology has experience much progress accompanied by the intense use of one particular branch of Natural Sciences especially Mathematical Sciences. Mathematics is a science of numbers and operational procedures used in solving problems of the number itself. Mathematics as the basis of other sciences has played a significant role in today’s technological advances.

Addressing its significant role, it would be unwise if student sees mathematics as a difficult and unattractive subject. Moreover is to consider mathematics as a pressure in the learning process. This feeling should be scrapped so that the formation of global science and technology can be realized.

Starting from that idea, Student Associations of Mathematics Study Program Parahyangan Catholic University held the Mathematics Competition 2014. This annual event aims to promote effective, creative, critical, and the logic thinking from junior and senior high school students. From this competence the intelligence capabilities of junior and senior high schools students in Indonesia will be visible in dealing with the advancement of mathematics in shades of high sportsmanship. Besides that, there is also a workshop for teachers of mathematics or public who wish to deepen insights on mathematics.

Participants this year nearly represent all regions in Java, Bali and Sumatra. Among them from Medan, Palembang, Surabaya, Bali even. First place on junior high won by Andrew Wiraatmaja and Edward Widjaja of SMP Santa Maria of Central Jakarta and the first place on high school level were won by Andie Kusuma of SMA BPK1 Central Jakarta. Hopefully this competition can be a motivator for the advancement of science, mathematics and technology, especially in Indonesia.