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Unpar International RelationsAlumni Association Declaration

For more than twenty years the International Relations Study Program of Parahyangan Catholic University (HI Unpar) has produced alumni that are spread in various fields of study and work. Although the relationship still exists and remains strong through the social media used in each class, there is still a certain longing to form a formal special forum to unite all HI alumni. In addition, there is a desire to exchange information about work, research, or simply to re-affirm connections that may fade away due to the fact that life has taken them away from each other. Hence, the two alumni of HI Unpar, Bonggas Adi Chandra and Sylvia Yazid who now serve as Head of Study Program (Kaprodi) HI tried to form the HI Unpar Alumni Association.

The establishment of this HI Unpar Alumni Association was formalized on May 2nd, 2018. The event started with an inter-alumni dialogue, which was also attended by Standard Chartered Bank CEO in Indonesia, Rino Donosepoetro, the Chairman of HI Student Association in 1985, Business Analyst from GO-JEK who is also President of PMP Unpar Stephen Angkiriwang, not to mention Miss Indonesia 2018 Alya Nurshabrina. The dialogue was intended to see how the alumni, some of whom are graduate users, regarded the quality of HI Unpar students who were apprenticing or working in their places.

“If the quality of HI students is good,  their thinking ability is very good in general, “said one alumnus, Tommy Singgih who now serves as VP of MasterCard Worldwide. “In fact we are good at organizing, maybe because we are used to being trained at campus events,” he added.

The event was followed by presentations derived from the new curriculum of the study program and how they sought to adapt to the market demand for labor. HI Unpar always strives for the students to be ready to become whatever is needed in the world of employment. For example, by establishing a Scientific Group program that examines four different areas such as Defense Security, International Political Economy, International Organization and Diplomacy, and International Media and Communications. “Our alumni do not wish these to change,” Sylvia said. According to her, there are many alumni who prefer HI Unpar to have a wide field of study rather than having one particular characteristic. “The wide range of our study turned out to be our uniqueness,” she added.

After the dialogue, the event continued with the official declaration by Bonggas as the Chairman of IKA HI Unpar in the Audio Visual room of FISIP Unpar. Attended by students and alumni from the class of 1983 to 2014, Bonggas reiterated the importance of this Alumni Association for the future. “This Alumni Association is my dream … Mbak Syl’s dream since long ago, and it is now finally realized,” he said, followed by boisterous applause from the audience.