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Asia Security Summit

Unpar Attended the 16th Asia Security Summit

Lecturers from Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) have incessantly expanded out of Indonesia. This time around, the Head of the International Relations Program, Sylvia Yazid, Ph.D had the opportunity to fulfill  the invitation from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) to attend the 16 th Asia Security Summit : IISS Shangri-La Dialogue which took place in Singapore on  June 2-4, 2017. This Lecturer of HI/International Relations Unpar (familiarly called Mba Sylvi) represents Unpar as the only university from Indonesia to become invited guest in the conference. As a participant she gained a lot of knowledge about the development of security issues that occur within a given region.

In addition to its grand agenda, the conference is a combination of government and government dialogue, public dialogue , special sessions , multilateral chambers , and bilateral chambers . Despite focusing talks on Asia, as many as 11 Defense ministers from several major countries such as Russia and America were present plus the Prime Minister from Australia. Apart from the representatives of the countries present, as for think-tanks and academics who came as participants and media to update concerning information of the activity. Meanwhile, Indonesia sent representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Defense Institute, the Ministry of Defense, the President’s Office, and the Security Consultant of Indonesia.

“Incidentally, in the adjacent conference room was the editor of Le Monde media from France, and they had their own press room and were constantly updated on. Then he said that # SLD17 had become the trending topic in some countries, one of them in the UK “said Mba Sylvi.

She had met several delegations from outside Indonesia. They said that Indonesia has always been a strategic partner in the fight against terrorism. People, she added, spoke of the regional rule-based order that every country wants. Some of the discussions that could be highlighted range from the US commitment in the region, to North Korea nuclear weaponry, to the problems of the South China Sea. But of the many discussions, the issue of terrorism was the main concern of every delegation agreeing that terrorism must be eradicated. Hence, the need for high level ofcooperation.