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Unpar Gelar Soft Launching Fasilitas Kebugaran Kesehatan Pegawai

Unpar Held Soft Launching of Employee Health and Fitness Facility

Saturday (26/11), Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) held a soft launching of the employee health and fitness facility in conjunction with Rai Fitness Bandung. On this occasion, a joint exercise activity was conducted on the rooftop of building 10 atUnpar.

The cooperation of fitness facility with Rai Fitness is one of the choices of sport for Unpar’s employees. This is how Unpar offers alternative sports facilities. In the past, the existing employee sports facilities included badminton, futsal (mini indoor soccer), table tennis as well as individual aerobic sessions for different units.

Being one of the well known fitness centers in Bandung has made Rai Fitness a chosen partner of cooperation of Unpar due to its relatively complete facility. This cooperation will be effective from January 2017 lasting for 12 months.

“The purpose it to try to integrate the health service facility for employee in the form of sports facilities. So if sport is currently based on the proposal of individual units, then they asked for funding, which was then approved, but afterwards managed individually”, according to Dr. Nia Juliawati when interviewed by the Unpar Publication Team.

“It is possible that there are employees who are not aware of the existence of such facilities. Therefore, with a centrally managed facility, we announce that we have such facilities. Then it is a matter of whether the employees choose to join or not and when they want to, they can choose which particular ones”, she then added.

Nia said that proportionately, this fitness facility’s has attracted a lot of interest. Currently there are 300 applicants. In addition to give a sense of prosperity, this facility symbolizes the need for health.

“Health can be physical, bodily, spiritual or mental-psychological. The existence of this activity can hopefully be utilized optimally so that the employees can be fitter for work. There is a sense of happiness after exercising that enables them to work feeling in good shape condition as well as having the sense of being acknowledged by the institution”, according to Nia who currently serves as Head of the Personnel Bureau at Unpar.

It is hoped that this facility can become one of the efforts to improve the level health of Unpar employees through optimal use.