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UNPAR Faculty of Law and National Efforts on Corruption Eradication

On 2nd of September 2014, Law Faculty of UNPAR in cooperation with Corruption Eradication Commission and the Indonesian Corruption Watch held a scientific discussion with the theme of “Politic of Law Prospect in Corruption Eradication post 2014 Election”. This event was held in Room 2305, UNPAR Faculty of Law Building.

This tight schedule of event was attended by several officers of law enforcement, alumni as well as lecturer and students presented several figures and national observers representing Corruption Eradication Commission or KPK (Bambang Widjajanto), Law Commission of the House of Representatives (Ruhut Sitompul), Communications of Politic Expert (Effendy Ghazali), and Academicians (Agustinus Pohan dan Budi Prastowo).

In a panel of discussion moderated by Dr. Niken Savitri, discussion and questions about the prospects for eradication of corruption in the future as well as the importance of the quality of people’s representatives and the political will to eradicate corruption, was held in a very interesting and inspiring atmosphere.

This opportunity was also being used for a book launching of research result, labor of the cooperation between KPK and UNPAR Faculty of Law that will be published with the title “Annotation of Corruption Breach and Other Breach Related to Corruption in the Draft Bill of Code Penal”. This book was considered as an important research work, for the thoughts inside will be noted as the official stance of KPK regarding the draft Code of the National Criminal Law that has been designed by the House of Representatives. Agustinus Pohan, Budi Prastowo, Niken Savitri and several other lecturers of UNPAR Faculty of Law was the member of the Researcher Team that has been actively involved in publishing the book.