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UNPAR Conferred Academic Degrees to 816 Graduates

After undergoing a series of the learning proses at Parahyangan Catholic University, on Saturday, February 28, 2015, a total of 816 graduates participated in the Wisuda II 2014/2015 (Graduation Ceremony 2014-2015 second period). The graduates are: 8 graduates from the D3 program, 725 from the S1 (Undegraduate) program, 62 from the S2 (Masters’) program, 5 from S3 the (Doctoral) program and 16 from the professional program.

Differing from previous Graduation ceremonies held in the Parahyangan Catholic University campus, this time it was held in the Sasana Budaya Ganesha due to the fact that the Gedung Serbaguna where it was usually held is undergoing a development process.

In his opening speech, the Rector of UNPAR (Parahyangan Catholic University), Prof. Robertus Wahyudi Triweko, Ph.D congratulated the graduates. On that day they all transformed from UNPAR students to UNPAR alumni, a role that will be embodied forever. He hoped the spirit of UNPAR “Bakuning Hyang Mrih Guna Santyaya Bhakti” will always echo in their heart, and let the spirit of learning gained as UNPAR students burn in facing difficulties in the employment world, social relation and among the family. In addition, the unending spirit to dedicate themselves to public needs was mentioned.

The spirit of dedication cannot be based on position or functions, but rather by the strong internal force to give the utmost in any situations, whether in normal or emergency situations, regardless of advantages or disadvantages involved for them personally.

UNPAR also hoped that the alumni as a part of its family will always maintain close relationship with their alma mater and contribute towards the development and the qualitative improvement of Learning in UNPAR.