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UNPAR Career Expo & Seminar

The Pusat Pengembangan Karir (Career Development Center) of Parahyangan Catholic University held the UNPAR Career Expo & Seminar from April 13 to April 18, 2015. The event covered: Seminar, Exhibition, Presentation, Interview and Recruitment.

The seminar held from April 13 to April 15, 2015 in UNPAR’s Operation Room, received a strong reception from the participants. According to Dewiyani, S.Psi, Psikolog, CGA (The head of Career Development Center), this was mainly due to the appealing theme chosen. “We observe the theme in demand, generally we pick a theme not normally presented in the faculties. For example on how to have a career in politics, we invited DPP PDI-P (the Central Organizing Committee of PDI-P)”,in her interview.

The Exhibition, Presentation, and Interview held in the Diamond Ballroom of Clarity Hotel Cihampelas from April 17 to April 18, 2015, were well received by job seekers. The long queue at the registration booth on the first day of the event, was solid proof. Visitors were not only UNPAR’s alumni, but also came from various universities.

The annual event is aimed at directly interfacing UNPAR’s graduates with companies offering vacancies. Other than the long queue of job seekers, a long queue was also observed in booth registration. Due to the limited number of booths available, companies competed for getting qualified job seekers. Apart from dozens of companies in various booths, UNPAR Career Expo & Seminar also invited educational institutions to offer further study opportunities along with available scholarships for those interested.

The final part of the event, namely, recruitment, will be held from April 20 to April 30, 2015. UNPAR Career Expo & Seminar offers a wide range of opportunity for job seekers to gain employment in renowned companies or scholarships for further studies.