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TNT in “Wonderland”

TNT In “Wonderland”

Students are not always required to develop their academic abilities. The development of soft skills is also important for them. The Accounting Study Program Student Association (HMPSA) of Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar), as the organization that encompasses all the students of the Accounting Study program of the Faculty of Economics (FE) at Unpar also contributes to the development of students’ interests and aptitude of Accounting students, by holding Thirteen Night Time or TNT.

TNT is an annual event that involves students from the Accounting Study Program from various semesters, especially new students, both as organizers and performers. This activity aims to showcase the talent displayed by the students as well as to strengthen the relationship between students, either in the same or different semester/year.

This year’s TNT theme is Wonderland , which stands for Wonderful Accounting Night of Diversity . TNT featured the various talents of the students in the form of a band , percussion, cabaret, modern dance , pom-pom boys and class presentation. In addition, there was also a variety of other interesting presentations from students of various years/semesters. The Changcutters and Hollywood Nobody were present to enliven the TNT event on Saturday (26/11), in the Parking Lot, of the Rectorate Building Unpar.

“The event was so grand and magnificent, the atmosphere was really lively. Each division works very well, “according to Enrico, the Chairman of TNT organizing committee 2016.

“TNT for me and for other committee members is more than just a program, it is more akin to a family, this is our love. For me, this is the best TNT I have ever experienced during my time at Unpar “, he added.

Enrico Wijaya said that TNT 2016 was the biggest in history because around 1200 people attended it. According to him, the TNT execution exceeded expectations of the organizing committee. Enrico hoped that the TNT in subsequent years can be better prepared and better hosted. “This is not an ordinary program, there was lasting experience for all students of Accounting, regardless of the year/semester. Do not let this program be removed “, he concluded enthusiastically when interviewed by the Unpar Publication Team.